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Model MD(Hom) Entrance Examination. Kerala

Organised by
Indian Homeopathic Medical Association.Kerala State Chapter
On 3rd January 2010
At Calicut, Kollam & Trivandrum
Time : 9.30 am - 12.30pm , 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Anybody can attend
For more details : Dr.Anil.S.K.  Mob :09495547274
Email : 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Read News & X'mas update

Can a homeopath practice in USA
Delhi University MD Entrance result declared
Training Courses under NRHM
Homeopathy included in  Medical Insurance in UAE
Delhi University MD Entrance result declared
NRHM Assam short list published

New Articles posted today
Crack the Entrance - A preparatory manual for MCQ examinations in Homeopathy - Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R
Is Homeopathy loosing ground ? - Dr.S.M. D'Souza
Rajasthan Public Service Commission - Syllabus Medical Officer Homeopathy
Correlation of Pathology and theory of Miasm -Dr. Jatin N. Dhagat
Sulphur : The Ragged Philosopher - Dr.Amit Pandey 
National Rural Health Mission. India Year-End Review 2009
Inter-Sectoral Convergence in RCH .II with AYUSH at Andhrapradesh
Formulation and declaration of state policy of Pain & Palliative care - Govt. of Kerala
NRHM Medical Officer Homeopathy Govt. of Assam select list published
Word index to Robin Murphy’s Homoeopathic Medical Repertory, 1st Indian Edition - Dr.S.P.Roy
An Endeavor to Illustrate an Objective Evidence for the Action of Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Physiological Variability in Human Body Temperature -Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta
Scientific frame work of Homeopathy Evidence Based Homeopathy After 64rd LMHI congress - 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crack the Entrance A preparatory manual for MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy

This book is not only useful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations but also for BHMS & MD students for their theory & viva voce – since this book contains lot of authentic study materials on materia medica in addition to multiple choice questions.

The Book written by Dr.Anil K. & Dr.Jithesh T.K, who had cracked many competitive examinations in Homoeopathy has   been compiled after years of tireless hard work, thorough analysis of the previous question papers of various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy. Having appeared for various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy the authors are very well aware of the tricks of the trade and have incorporated this experience in compiling this book.

In each chapter there are charts, tips for easy study, re-caps etc, which are based on frequently asked questions. The candidates have to be well versed in this chapter as it has been seen that questions based on these study materials have appeared differently in different question papers.

 1.How To Study Materia Medica for M.C.Q examinations
2. Important Books on Materia medica & their authors
3. Provers / Authorities
4. The Vegetable kingdom
5. The Animal kingdom
6. The Mineral kingdom
7. The Nosodes, Sarcodes & Impoderabilia
8   Constitution
9   Desire, Aversion & Intolerance of important medicines
10 Important Modalities of medicines
11. Relationship of remedies
12 Tips from Boericke`s Materia medica.
13 Previous Questions Revisited

Read a detailed review    :

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300 New Homeopathic & Medical PowerPoint Presentations added today

Dear Friends

Most of you are making lot of good power points and articles as a part of your study/project/teaching. Here is a golden opportunity to share that articles/powerpoints with world. Whoever takes help of this portal in their pursuit of education/practice please send worthy articles to keep this portal healthy and improving. Be a part of this prestigious website. You may become famous in no time! Send  your articles and power points to 

Our aim is to provide free service to academics, researchers, and students working in the area of homeopathic & allied medical sciences. We have open collaboration with other organisations and institutions world wide. It would help providing the authors the maximum exposure as well as easy and free access to the users

34. RAECH - Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy - Kerala
35. AYUSH in India - Dr.S.S.Mishra
36. Concept and Potentiality of Homoeopathy - Dr.R.Gnanasambandam
37. Departments in a homeopathic medical college
38. Status of Homeopathy in India - Dr.Eswara Das
39. Status of Homoeopathy in Tamilnadu - Dr.T.K.Mohandas
40. Hospitals and dispensories - Centrally sponsored scheme - Dr.Sandana Sahu
41. Potentiality of Homeopathy - Dr.Raj Kumar.IAS
42. Strengthening of monitoring & evaluation in Tamil Nadu - Dr.Girija Vaidhanathan
43. Homeopathy in primary health care - Dr.Sudarsana
44. Homeopathy in General Practice - Dr. P.D.Venkatakrishnan
45. Homoeopathic Excellence - Dr.K.King Narcius
46. The Science and art of Healing by homeopathy -Dr.A.Shanthakumar
47. Mainstreaming of homeopathy with modern medicine
48. Assignments for PG students in Repertory
49. National Rural Health Mission - Dr.Sourav Arora .pps
50. RAECH - Its Organization and Modus Operandi - Dr.Raja Shekaran
51. Primary prophylaxis in Homeopathy - Dr. Sanil Kumar. M. C 
52. Limitations and scope of Homoeopathy - Dr.R.Gnanasambandam
53. Therapeutic environment - Mrs.Jothis Bhanu
54. Why cancer incurable?? - Dr.Jerald Jayakumar
55. Legislation of health care facilities in Tamil Nadu - Dr. P. Padmanaban  pdf


22.Cranial Nerves - 3&4 Anatomy  & Physiology
23. Anatomy of scalp
24. Anatomy and applied anatomy of glossopharyngeal nerve - Dr.Navas
25. Anatomy of renal system - Dr.Navas
26. Applied anatomy of arteries
27. Anatomy & Physiology of eye - Dr.Binuraj.T.K
28. Liver & Gall bladder - Dr.Sujaya nair
29. Pancreas
30. Applied anatomy of spleen - Dr.Binu Raj.T.K
31. Applied anatomy of vagus nerve
32. Applied anatomy of thyroid gland
33. Applied anatomy of trigeminal nerves
34. Anatomy & Physiology of vermiform appendix - Dr.Bunraj.T.K

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

3. Constipation & piles during pregnancy - Dr.Anandhi
4. Efficacy of Homeopathy in habitual abortion - Dr. J. Anuradha
5. Homoeopathy In Postnatal Care - Dr.Vadhavkar Bina Pravinchandra
6. Delivery of Mother and Child Care Services- present scenario - Dr.Sanil Kumar 
7. Care and Precautions in Maternal and Child Health - Dr.Jessie Gloria Priscilla
8. Efficacy of Homeopathy in handling Pregnancy – Labour and Some of their Complications- Dr. Jayesh. V. Sanghvi
9. Homeopathic management of backache during pregnancy - Dr.D.Muruheswari
10. Hyperemesis gravidarum - homeopathic management - Dr.R.Reji Kumar
11. Potentiality of Homeopathy in mother & Child health - Prof. (Dr.) Senthumoni
12. Toxemia of pregnancy - homeopathic approach - Dr.Reji Kumar.R
13. Homeopathic management of heartburn & indigestion in preganacy - Dr.Sundari Semparuthi
14. Homeopathic treatment of habitual abortion - Dr.P.Subramanian  
15. Implementation of healthy mother campign at grass root level - Dr.K.Murukesan
16. Scope of homeopathy in PCOD - Dr. M.Jothimani
17. Lactation disorders and homeopathy - Dr. Subhas Singh
18. Managing Obstetrics Problems Homoeopathically - Dr.Latha Devarajan
19. Management of breast problems in maternal health - Dr.S.Suganth
20. Homeopathy in Pregnancy & Child birth- Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali
21. Research on healthy mother & happy child - Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali
22. MCH care - Homeopathic perspectives - Dr.Sanil Kumar
23. Homeopathy for healthy mother and hally child - Dr.T.N.S.Kurup
24. Anemia in pregnancy - Dr.A.Palaniammal
25. Long-term consequences of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome - Samir F Abdel Aziz
26. Primary prophylaxis in Homeopathy - Dr. Sanil Kumar. M. C  
27. Homeopathy in morning sickness and hyper emesis - Dr.K.Rajamanickam
28. Plan for Maternal Health & EMOC in RCH II - Dr. H. Bhushan  pdf
29. Role of Homoeopathy in RCH -II - Dr.Sanil Kumar
30. Homeopathic approach in uterine fibroids - Dr.Sathiya. K.K
31. Utility of Homoeopathy in Maternal Health - Dr.P.v.Venkatraman

Organon of Medicine

34. General Philosophy - introduction - Dr.K.X.Joseph
35. The logic
36. Inductive logic of bacon
37. Cause effect relationship - James Stuart Mill
38. Theory of causation -Aristotle
39. Concept of organic whole
40. Doctrine of Force
41. Eighteenth Century medicine
42. Facial Analysis - Dr.S.M D'Souza
43. History of medicine – pre Hippocratic period
44. History of medicine - Hippocratic & Alexandrian period - Dr.Sujaya Nair
45. Hughes and miasm - Dr.Jerald
46. Hypnotism & mesmerism
47. Kent's lesse wwritings - Dr.Reshmi N.E
48. Kent's 12 observations & Robert's remedy reactions - Dr.. Smita Deb Krori (Maity)
49. Lesser Writings of Hahnemann
50. Life history of Hahnemann
51. Logic and homeopathy - Dr.Jeralad
52. Medieval period of medicine - Dr.Nisamol V.M
53. Disease diagnosis Vs Miasmatic diagnosis - Dr.K.X.Joseph
54. Miasmatic study of diseases
55. Modern period in medicine
56. A study on the evolution of organon of medicine - Dr.Jerald Jaya Kumar
57. Potentisation - Dr.Jerald
58. Seminar on case taking - Dr.Sharjan Ahammed
59. Relation of pathology to miasm
60. Samuel Hahnemann a life sketch - Dept. of Organon GHMC Calicut


3. Alder's concept - Dr.Swapna.A.K
4. Behavior - Dr.Harihara Iyer
5. Learning - Dr.Asha
6. Emotions - Dr.Binuraj.T.K
7. Karen Horney - Dr.Deepa.T.B
8. Intelligence - Dr.Safna
9. Memory - Dr.Swapna
10. Perception
11. Personality
12. Existentialism - Dr.Jaseela
13. Jung psychology or analytical psychology
14. Psychosomatic disorders - Dr.Manju K Xavier 
15. Raymond Cattell - Factor Analytic Trait Theory - Dr.Sujaya Nair
16. Schools of psychology - Dr.Jaseela
17. Sigmund Freud
18. Stress - Dr.Navas


99.   Disease affecting arteries
100. Red Cell disorders
101. Disorders of blood vessel - Dr.Suja Pillai
102. Menigioma
103. Polyarteritis nodosa - Dr.Navas
104. Relation of pathology to
105. What cause rheumatic fever
106. Enterobacteria salmonella - Dr.Suja Pillai


4. Cranial nerves -
5. Cranial nerves 11 & 12 and its applied aspects - Dr.Smitha Velayudhan
6. Digestion & absorption
7. Anatomy & Physiology of eye - Dr.Binuraj.T.K 
8. Micturiation
9. Physiology and applied aspects of red blood cells
10. Physiology & applied aspects of Heart sounds
11. Physiology of renal system
12. Pituitary glnad
13. TCA Cycle - Dr.Suja Pillai
14. Anatomy & Physiology of vermiform appendix - Dr.Binuraj.T.K anat34

Practice of Medicine

36. Dengue Fever - Dr.s.Manilal
37. Japanese Encephalitis- Dr.T.N.Parameswara Kurup 
38. Leptospirosis - Dr.S.Manilal
39. Examination of the Abdomen -Michael J. Klamut, M.D.
40. Acid Peptic Disease - Dr. K. George Thomas . MD.DM
41. Acid peptic disease & homeopathy - Dr.P.V.Venkataraman
42. Ascities - Homeopathic approach
43. Ascities - Dr.Suja Pillai
44. Auto immune disease - Dr.Harihara Iyer
45. Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia - Dr.Binu Raj.T.K
46. Calcaneal spur
47. Cerebrovascular disorders - Dr.Suja Pillai
48. Cervical spondylosis - Dr.Santhoshkumar.M.N
49. Irritable bowel syndrome in adults - Dr.Mathew Kurian
50. Chikungunya - Dr.Raju
51. Chikungunya Fever - Dr.V.S.Ampadi
52. Colorectal cancers - Dr.Suja Pillai
53. Control of infection - current scenario - Mrs.Jothis Ampadi
54. Obstructive pulmonary disorders - Dr.Suja Pillai
55. COPD - an overview - Dr.K.P.Venu Gopal
56. Homeopathy & dengue - Dr.A Shantha Kumar
57. Diabetes Mellitus - Dr.V.S.Ambadi
58. Diabetes - Dr. Hafeezullah Baig
59. Bronchial asthma and homeopathy - Dr.P.E.Abraham
60. Acute gastroenteritis -  Homeopathic perspectives - Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R
61. Primary(Essential) Hypertension - Dr.Reena Thomas
62. Encephalitis - homeopathic management, treatment & prevention - Dr.Gurudev Choubey
63. Preventive aspects of treating adenoids & tonsils with nosodes - Dr.Gopal.R
64. Autism - Homeopathic approach - Dr.Mathew Jo
65. Homeopathic aspect of bronchial asthma in children - Dr.P.Mukundan
66. Epilepsy - Dr.Divya Narayanan
67. Anemia - Dr.Anu Joseph
68. Gastroenteritis and dysentery - Dr.Mathew Kurian
69. Homeopathic approach to glioma - Dr.Aji Punnen
70. H1N1 or swine flu - Dr.Abdul Hameed
71. Hypothesis- Cytokine storm and the   Infuenza pandemic- Dr. Vipul Gandhi
72. Haemorrhoids - Dr. Jose Gamalial
73. Homeopathic management of haemerrhoiss - Dr.Jose Isac
74. Hashimoto's thyroiditis - Dr.Binuraj.T.K
75. Treatment of bronchial asthma with similimum - Dr.S.Gopinathan
76. Hypertension - a silent killer - Dr.Hafeezullah Baig
77. Irritable bowel syndrome & homeopathy - Dr.P. V. Venkatraman
78. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus -An overview - Dr.Jayaprakash.P
79. Management Of Surgical Conditions With
 Homoeopathic Medicines - Dr.S.Jagatha
80. Lamellar icthyosis - Dr.Suja Pillai
81. Lichen planus - Dr.Aji Punnen
82. Lung Examination: Abnormal - Arcot J. Chandrasekhar
83. General Musculoskeletal Screening: Upper Extremities - Gregory Crovetti
84. Pernicious anemia
85. Rheumatic fever - Dr.Suja Pillai
86. Rubella - Dr.Aji Punnen
87. Homeopathic management of a/c glomerulonephritis - Dr.Semparuthi
88. SLE - Dr.Smitha Velayudhan
89. Hereditary Spastic paraplegia - Dr.Aji Punnen
90. Neuro spinal disorders - Homeopathic approach - Dr.mansoor Ali.K.R
91. Upper respiratory tract infections and homeopathy - Dr.S.R.Sharma
92. Upper respiratory tract infections and H1N1 influenza - Dr.K.P.Venu Gopal


1. Child health - Dr.Shreepad Hegde
2. Child remedies - Dr.K.Shiva Kumar
3. Danger signs in new born
4. Delivery of Mother and Child Care Services- present scenario - Dr.Sanil Kumar
5. Care of a newborn baby: a mother’s perspective - Dr.Arti Maria
6. Acute bronchitis in Children -Dr.Chidambaranatham
7. Autism - Homeopathic approach - Dr.Mathew Jo
8. Homeopathic aspect of bronchial asthma in children - Dr.P.Mukundan
9. Homeopathic management of fever in children - Dr.N.R.Jayakumar
10. Sinusitis in children - Dr.M.Ravindran
11. Potentiality of Homeopathy in mother & Child health - Prof. (Dr.) J.Sethumoni 
12. Jaundice in Children - Dr.V.Vasudevan
13. Feeding of healthy new born
14. Homeopathy in pediatrics - Dr. Khushali Gambhir
15. How to manage hypothermia in children
16. Neonatal Jaundice
17. Kangaroo Mother Care
18. A Better Child Health  Homeopathic Perspectives - Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali
19. Management of Low Birth Weight Babies
20. Care of a normal newborn
21. Newborn Health Challenge in India
22. Neonatal sepsis
23. Homeopathy in pediatrics - Dr.Rajat Chattopadhay
24. Integrated management of neonatal childhood illness - Govt. of India
25. Post -resuscitation management of an asphyxiated neonate
26. Practice in pediatric diarrhea - Dr.Preena Jain
27. Respiratory distress in infants and children
28. Sweep pills for happy child - G. Suresh
29. Promoting Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in pediatrics
30. Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Autism in children    -Dr. D. Uma
31. Effectiveness of Homeopathic treatment in Childhood Anxiety disorders - Dr.V. Veera Balaji Kumar

Book Reviews

1. Therapeutic pocket book - Dr.Suja Pillai
2. LM potency - the hidden treasure - Dr.Neha Duha
3. Materiamedica pura
4. Repertory to rheumatic remedies
5. Understanding Homeopathic materia medica - Dr.Suja Pillai
6. Synoptic Key to materia medica - Dr.Madhuri N Bhatt


20. Classification of mental disorders - Dr.Beenadas.T.R

14. X-ray of bones

44. Card Repertory - Dr.Suja Pillai
45. Epidemic Case Taking - Dr.Parthasarathy

83. Clinical study on the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines in Adenoids - Dr.P.K.Sudhir 
84. A study on the efficacy of homeopathic medicine in tonsillitis - Dr. J. Joice Thilagam
85. Research on healthy mother & happy child - Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali
86. A multi centric open trail to evolve homeopathic medicines for mucopurulent chronic bronchitis - CCRH
87. Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Autism in children    -Dr. D. Uma 
88. Effectiveness of Homeopathic treatment in Childhood Anxiety disorders - Dr.V. Veera Balaji Kumar

Community Medicine

18. RAECH - Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy - Kerala
19. Epidemic Case Taking - Dr.B.Parthasarathy
20. Conceptual image of the genus epidemicus - Dr.Joby Jhony
21. Epidemiology and prevailing epidemicus - Dr.A.S.Sheela
22. Primary prophylaxis in Homeopathy - Dr. Sanil Kumar. M. C
23. Study report on epidemic fever 2007 Kerala - Dr. Roy Zachriah
24. Role Of Professional Organization in  RAECH - Dr.Manilal

Case Presentations

50.A Case of Post Encephalitis Syndrome - Dr.G.Srinivaslu

Materia Medica

97.Carbon Group - Dr. Krishnendu Maity
98. Teaching  materia medica temperaments - Dr.P.K.Sudhir


16. ECG - Dr.Jerald MD
17. Introduction to ECG


59. Four things you cannot recover
60. Beauty of live - just think
61. Discover the discovery
62. Interesting personality test
63. Say No to cell phone .pdf
64. Song bird - Life can be hard
65. The Art of Being Well - Dr. Dráuzio Varella


60. Barbeque invitation - please accept
61. Boss we have a leak 
62. Nothing is impossible in China
63. Creativity - check it
64. Double Vision - unbelievable
65. If you don‘t like your job see this
66. Stunning Photographs .pdf
67.The Magicworld Character  Test

7.Fever therapeutics - Dr.Reshmi.N.E

5. Similimum Ultra

28. Azan of Muslims
29. Heart attack & death
30.1 Minute for Allah - AS17_Abubakar


1. Silver lines - for above 40

27. Seven major sins
28. 500 Most influential Muslims 2009
29. Insurance in both world
30. Islamic medicine
31. Kanthapuram among 500 muslims
32. Debate between religion - MM Akbar
33. Never lose Namas

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest News & Job opportunities

New WHO resolution on Traditional Medicine
Inhibition of CD203c membrane up-regulation in human basophils by high dilutions of histamine: a controlled replication study.
Next LMHI World Homeopathy Congress in USA
Homeopathic institution conducts HIV study
Soukya Foundation links MoU with National Institute of Homoeopathy
Homeopathy 'should be available on the NHS', says minister
Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers'
Homeopathy: MPs on science and technology committee grill 
Sri Lankan Minister in charge of Homoeopathy appointed a New council 
The Brutal Side Effect from Flu Shot
Tamil Nadu ISM & H commenced integrated D Pharm course
Birth Defects Associated with Use of Antibiotics During Pregnancy
Alcohol 'protects men's hearts' 
Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu
New warning on 'perfect vaginas' 
One heart attack results in medical imaging scans equivalent to 725 chest X-rays
'No fasting' for cholesterol test 
CM bats for alternative medicine
Aspirin for Primary Prevention 'Should Not Be Routinely Initiated'
WHO: Swiss homeopathic doctors wrong to advise pregnant women against swine flu vaccine
Homeopathy a medical act in Spain
Provings workshop in November 2010
Aspirin 'only for heart patients' 
Low dose aspirin is widely given to people who have had heart problems
Breast cancer changes with spread 
Homeopathy Hospital at Bahrain
Rs.9.2 bn to promote Indian systems of medicine
High dilution effect reported in NMR study
High dilution effect assessed by UV-Spectroscopy
Homeopathy: 0.3% of the world drug market
How to over come shyness
Pain Control in Newborn Infants
Homeopathic Research and Charities, Mumbai,invites teachers
SMS alret - Homeopathy updates
Microsoft copies Indian Swine Flu Calculator has launched Practitioners, Healer & Therapist Directory.
Study verifies mammography screenings cause cancer
Tamiflu anti-viral drug revealed as complete hoax; Roche studies based on scientific fraud
Chewing Gum Can Help You Lose Weight?
Iranian Scholars Review Mediaeval Medical Text and Show Its Relevance to Today's Healthcare

Job Opportunities at
1. J R Kissan Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Haryana
2.'Health and Nutrition' Project in BANGALORE
3.For a homoeopathic clinic chain in Ernakulam district. Kerala

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kerala MD (Hom) Entrance 2010 application invited

Kerala MD (Hom) Entrance 2010 application invited
Courses : Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon
Total seats : 36, All India reservation : 9, Kerala reservation : 15
Should complete internship training on or before the date of interview for allotment
Candidates who have passed the final year examination with more than three chances are not eligible for admission
Age limit : Max. 45 years as on 01.01.2010
Date of entrance exam :17.01.2010
Last date of application : 02.01.2010
For downloading prospectus & application form :
For question papers and study materials : 

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Latest articles uploaded today

Action of Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Physiological Variability in Human Body Temperature
High dilution effect of Homeopathic medicines assessed by UV-Spectroscopy
High dilution effect reported in NMR study - Jean-Louis Demangeat
Su Jok Therapy or Acupressure - Dr.Neena S Menon
Operational Guidelines for Implementation of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI)
National Rural Health Mission- Govt. of India
Mainstreaming of  AYUSH at Andhra Pradesh
Homeopathy for healthy mother -Dr. Gurudev Choubey
Reproductive Child Health Programme RCH-1 Govt. of India
State Programme Implementation Plan RCH - II
Involvement of ISM&H in National Health Programme and Health Care Delivery
Report of the National Task Force on Lakshadweep
NRHM 2nd common review mission - Report on Kerala.
Integrated Management of Neonatal Childhood Illness IMNCI - An over view
Infection management & environment Plan (IMEP) for RCH Phase.II
How to hand wash - WHO
Human resources in health sector - National health profile 2007
Child Health Programme in India
National Policy on Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy
Adolescent-friendly Reproductive and Sexual Health Services
Maharashtra Campaign on Homoeopathy for Mother & Child Care
Healthy Mother & happy Child AYUSH NRHM workshop at Lakshadweep
Anatomy and applied aspects of Pleura & Lungs
Passive Transport - Diffusion and Osmosis
Irritable bowel syndrome and Homeopathy - Dr.Venkatraman
Gait - additions to BBCR - Dr. Krishnendu Maity
Eclampsia - Repertorial approach - Dr.Reji Kumar
Word index to Robin Murphy’s Medical Repertory -Dr.S.P.Roy
A brief study of psychoanalysis - Dr. Smita Deb Krori (Maity)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Medeical officer Kerala & Delhi MD(Hom) Entrance

Appointment order of Medical officers (Homoeo) Kerala issued

Delhi University MD(Hom) Entrance applications invited

For details Visit

Jobs in Homeopathy

Job Opportunities in Homeopathy 

Product Manger for RADAR
Job code : R-2
Qualification : BHMS
Desirable : Good homeopathic knowledge. Knowledge about Softwares
Remuneration : as per industry standards
Contact :
 Tutors at Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut
Appointment : Daily wages, may be extended for a year
Salary : Rs.300/- month . Maximum : Rs.7500/- month
Duties : Theory classes, IPD,OPD, Night duties
Departments : Clinical and non clinical
Vacancies : 7 (Repertory.1,Organon.1,PM.2,Pathology.1,Anatomy.1,Physiology.1)
Qualification : BHMS, preference to Regular MD holders
Date of interview : 26th November 2009 at 10am
Appear with certificates
Homeopathy Hospital at Bahrain
The KIMS Bahrain Medical Center WLL (KBMC) is the first GCC franchisee of Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences, India. KBMC provides quality outpatient, diagnostic and personal primary care to the population of Bahrain. Their website listed Homeopathy department also

 Interested candidates may contact :
 KIMS Bahrain Medical Center
 Umm-Al-Hassam Avenue,
 Near Copperchimney Restaurant, Road No.: 3709
 P.O. Box 10494, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
 Ph: +973 17 822123, Fax: +973 17 822127
 Web : 

For more details Visit

Friday, October 30, 2009

Update 30.10.09

Latest Article in (30.10.09)

Sri Lankan Minister dissolved Homeopathic Council - Express your concern
Concerns about ESI Exam homeopathy - Dr.Mansoor Ali
Kerala PSC Medical Officer Homeopathy Rank Holders' Association 2009
How to improve your clinic with in 6 months
Doctors Will Not Give H1N1 Shots to Their Kids
H1N1 Vaccine Sweden: 190 Advese Reactions, 1 Death
Homeopathy in the year 2050 - Dr. Marcelo Candegabe
Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media
Sri Lanka Homoeopathic Medical Council - Regulations
A Short Note on Weights & Measures -
An over view on cassia sophera  
No other remedy ..... Nash says  
Homeopathic case taking format
A Trial of Homeopathy for Moderate to Severe Depression
The facts about an ingenious homeopathic experiment that was not completed due to the “tricks” of Mr. James Randi.
Comment by George Vithoulkas to the article of Ian Sample in Guardian (26.10.2009)
Glimpses of cardiohom 2009

Latest News in "Homeo World" of
Complied by Dr. K.P.Arun Prasad
Tutor. Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut
Email :

Court Expelled Dr.M.P.Prakasn of Calicut from CCH
Experts assure making homoeopathy a strong system of medicine in Nagaland
All-India homoeopathy institute for state?
What ails AYUSH services in Bihar State?
Institute of Holistic Mental Health (IHMH).
WRCGO 2009 Conference & Exhibit
HPV jab girls are 'sex cautious'  
Pesticide may reduce fertility, says study
Homeopathy in the year 2050
Comment by George Vithoulkas to the article of Ian Sample in Guardian (26.10.2009)      
New Retrovirus Is Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
IVF couples warned over drinking  
Medical Errors Still Common in U.S. Hospitals
'Never  give paracetamol after vaccination'  
Lactoferrin and Sepsis: Good News for Low Birth Weight Infants
Juggling increases brain power  
Children can 'imagine away' pain  
The facts about an ingenious homeopathic experiment &  “tricks” of Mr. James Randi.
Homeopathic vaccines under attack in Australia
A story from Canada of experience with Oscillococcinum in H1N1
Homeopathic  preventive medicines for H1N1 Influenza
Nobel Prize winner reports effects of high dilutions
Homeopaths want research centre for HINI
Homeopathy for Allergies: A review of evidence
Now, Emami forays into homeopathy
Freedom from psoriasis the homeopathic way
Homeo sapiens : Views of a non-believer…

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Articles in (Updated on 20th October 2009)

Latest Articles in

Nobel Prize winning virologist's new research gives significant support to homeopathic pharmacology 
New evidence for homeopathy - ECH press release
Searching science in Homeopathy - Re reading in homeopathy 
A comparative investigation into the causes of current popularity of homeopathy in The USA, The UK, India and Netherlands 
Physical Essence of Information-including Remedies
Physico-chemical evaluations of homeopathic mother tincture of Mimosa pudica Linn. (lajvanti)
Quantitative Methods for Validating Human Pathogenetic Trials 
RCT on Post viral arthritis at GHMC Calicut - Project report
Protective efficacy of Homeopathic genus epidemicus Kerala - Study findings
List of  Organon Dissertation topics
An approach to acute Diarrhoeal disorders through Sector and constitutional Homoeopathic treatment - Abstract
A clinical study on the quality of life in patients suffering from Cancer of respiratory tract & GIT. Part.1 
A clinical study on the quality of life in patients suffering from Cancer of respiratory tract & GIT. Part.11 
Utility of Synthesis repertory in the treatment of migrane
Clinical Utility of Fever Chapter of Boger’s Repertory in the treatment of eruptive fevers in Comparison to Kent’s Repertory
A study on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in Diabetes mellitus satisfying DSM-IV-TR 
Kerala Govt. GO favoring unqualified practitioners in Kerala
Kerala Government Pay revision of teachers in Government Medical, Dental, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Science Colleges
Kerala Public health Act 2009 draft - suggestions invited
Minimum requirements for a Homeopathic Medical College India
Scope of BHMS degree programme in Pakistan
Hidden truth - Swine Flu
Brain Damaging Habits
Health - Very important tips
Mappa Mundi method and its application to Homeopathy
Prophylaxis in Homeopathy
Psychosomatic disorders & Homeopathy
Scope & limitations of different modes of employing medicines
Scope and limitations of homeopathy
Holistic Concept - Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy
Anatomy and applied anatomy of breast
Applied anatomy of Mouth
Concept of Cure, Disease and Drug relationship
Inflammation, degeneration, repair - Homeopathic approach
Homoeopathy for Behavioral problem in Children
Behaviour in psychology
Concept of health and factors affecting
A glance on developmental psychology
Existentialism in psychology
Perception in psychology
Positivism in psychology
Realism in psychology
Attention in Psychology
Stress in psychology
Phenomenology, Pragmatism & analytic Philosophy
Boerick's Repertory - Highest grade single medicine rubrics
Drug, medicine and remedy
Quantitative Methods for Validating Human Pathogenetic Trials
Total Quality Management in Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals - the changing concept
Evolution of symptoms
Lesser Writings of Hahnemann 
Life and living environment
A brief life history of Hahnemann
Remedy Response & Prognosis after the remedy
Miasmatic Evolution - Disease & homeopathic treatment
Renaissance Period in Medicine
Scope and limitations of different modes of employing medicine
Susceptibility in Homeopathy
Concept of Disease and Totality of Symptoms
The medicine of experiance
Hompath Launched Dr. Prafull Vijayakar's Expert System
Nephrotic syndrome in Children & Homeopathy
Role of Homeopathy in Diabetes mellitus with miasmatic management & treatment
Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Homeopathy
Phobia and Homeopathy

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Latest News - Homeo World in 11.10.09

Independant Organisation for the homeopathic students of Kerala
Dr.Reji Kumar of Trivandrum appointed as Consultant AYUSH Integration Kerala
No external course in Homoeopathy  Kerala
Emailing, texting may harm you
Homeopathy emerging as most reliable treatment method
Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine
Swine flu vaccine victims encouraged to post reports of side effects on
Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence
Conventional Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Really Works to Ease Cancer Treatment Symptoms
Unani medical college to be set up in J and K
Social isolation 'worsens cancer'   
Dental anesthesia is very dangerous
Can aloe vera prevent and cure cancer?
Do Not Kill a Fever: Fever Kills Viruses
Toxins at Bhopal Still Kill Indians after One Generation
Nobel Prize winning virologist's new research gives significant support to homeopathic pharmacology.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Similima Update 04.10.09

Medical / Homeopathic Research
If you are interested in Medical or homeopathic Research ....You will get everything here

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19. Text and Atlas on histology
20. Basic histology - text and atlas  .CHM
21.Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors - Harold Ellis
22. Pocket atlas of radiographic anatomy - Torsten & emil
23. Human anatomy & physiology - Schaum's

1. Ethics and communication
2. Digital Neuroanatomy- George R. Leichnetz
3. Haines Neuro Anatomy
4. Atlas of neuro anatomy and neuro physiology - Netter
5. Sabiston Textbook of Surgery The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice


1. Review of medical physiology 22ne edition - Ganong .chm
2. Text book of medical physiology 11th edn - Guyton
3. Kaplan medical -USMLE Step 1 Physiology Lecture Notes
4. Lehninger - Principles of Bio chemistry
5. Lippincotts - Illustrated reviews of Biochemistry
6. Lubert Stryer - Biochemistry 5th edn
7. Medical physiology - Rhoades & Tanner
8.Human anatomy & physiology - Schaum's  anat.23


14. Fasting for better health
15. Chandramasam what is right & wrong?
16. Keep good relation for a better health
17. Love and express your love
18. Never loss prayers
19. No time for prayer
20. A study on fasting
21. Fathwas and doubts on fasting
22. Your share
23. Things related to fasting good and bad
24. Stories of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
25. Zakat - A brief study
26. Quran malayalam Transalation

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update 03.10.09

Delhi ESI Exam
Delhi ESI Medical Officer Exam is on 25th October 2009 at delhi

Website of Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut
Website of GHMC Calicut is under construction.
Visit and send your valuable comments and suggestions to :

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeo World - Latest news from Medicine & Homeopathy

Latest News from Homeopathy & Medical World

Delhi now has a dedicated website for homeopathic treatment
Jail for parents who allowed daughter to die by Homeopathy
Govt. Decided to distribute AYUSH medicines for H1N1
Sheila launches homeopathy campaign
Multicentre study of Drug Effects" in Collaboration with CCRH & Baba Atomic Research Centre
LIVE Online Broadcast of the European Homeopathic Summer School
Evidence emerges that seasonal flu vaccine increases risk of H1N1 swine flu
Vaccines weaken your immune system
Researchers Warn Drug-Resistant TB Strains Could Become Widespread
UK Children Brainwashed into MMR Vaccine Support Through Manipulation of Academic Exams
Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Treatment
Nonsurgical Approach to Dupuytren Contractures
'Deaths rise' with junior doctors
Leaked UN report claims swine flu could "kill millions" and cause "anarchy" in poor nations
Home Pesticides Linked to Childhood Cancers
Why are so many celebrities dying after chemotherapy
H1N1 Update: Oseltamivir Resistance and Antiviral Use
'Safe' lead levels harm children
Lead is linked to a number of health problems
Why Millions of Americans Don't Need a Swine Flu Vaccine
Bone status of adolescent girls in Pune (India) compared to age-matched South Asian and white Caucasian girls in the UK
Thai Female Adolescents' Perceptions of Dating Violence
Effectiveness of Cinnamon for Lowering Hemoglobin A1C in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Study Reveals Serious HPV Vaccine Problems: Fainting, Blood Clots, Death Among Risks
Routine Consumption of Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes "A Big Lie
Genes blamed for early first sex
Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Virus ("Swine Flu") Probably Is More Virulent Than Seasonal Flu Virus
Healthy People Taking Antibiotics May Spread Superbug Infection
Independant Organisation for Homeopathic Students of Kerala formed

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Latest PowerPoints

Latest PowerPoint Presentations in 

Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome

19.Multiple Choice questions & Clinical anatomy of Lowerlimb
20.Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery - Dr E.S. J. Prabhu Kiran
21. Multiple Choice questions & Clinical anatomy of Upperlimb

Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery - Dr E.S. J. Prabhu Kiran

39. Managing an aggressive patient
40. A case of brain necrosis
41. A case of cerebral edema
42. A case of circulatory edema
43. A case of inflammatory edema
45. A case of lymphatic edema
46. A case of myocardial necrois
47. A case of Baker's Cyst
48. A case of congestive cardiac failure
49. A case of dengue fever


2.12 Lead ECGs: Bundle Branch Blocks & Hemiblocks - EMS Professions Temple College
3.Essentials of 12 Lead ECG Interpretation - EMS Professions Temple College
4. Electrophysiology and ECG Basics - Rate & Axis
5.Electrocardiography and the Prediction of VO2max From -Sub-max Data
6.ECG: understanding accelerated conduction - Dr. Krishnendu Maity
7.12 Lead ECGs: Axis Determination & Deviation - EMS Professions Temple College
8.Clinical ECG - Dr.Hemanth Das
9.12 Lead ECGs: Injury/Infarct Imposters - EMS Professions Temple College
10. What is ECG
11. ECG strips
12. Introduction to ECG - EMS Professions Temple College
13.ECG interpretation
14. EKG Self Study Guide
15. Jeru's ECG


51. How to prepare objective type questions
52. Medeical E learning - Dr. V. Balasubramanyam
53. How to conduct a viva voce examination


25.Postmortem changes - Dr.sanil Kumar
26. Poisoning and toxicology


31.Homoeopathy - Its Principles and Doctrines - Dr.A.Shanthakumar
32. Mode of action of homeopathic medicines - Dr.Mahwish Nosheen
33. Role of Homeopathy in clinical practice - Dr.M.P.Arya


45.Don't love someone because of who they are
46.Autograph of indian legends .pps
47. Budget planner .xls
48.A Butterfly’s Lesson
49.Only true friends will leave footprints in your heart
50.The Blue Day Book
51. A lesson for a new life - Vivian
52. Management Lessons
53. My dad - really thoughtful
54. The Most..... in your life
55. Think it over...
56. Not yet...
57. 10 things God wo'nt ask on that day.pps
58. 4 sqaure questions .pps


42. Your angel's name
43. The world trade centre
44. The Beauty Of Night
45.The Bank Account of Life
46. Strange but funny
47. SONY digital photo - try it
48. Risks in our life
49. Strange but rare photos
50. Optical illusions
51. One last Kiss
52. Love love & love
53. Really wonderful friendship
54.The human brain …… tricks us whenever it can!
55. eye catching photos & message
56. Take a photo with new SONY technology
57. hotel Buraj Al Arab
58. Audrey Hepburn beauty tips
59. Are you a qualified professional?  - take this test

Materia Medica

3. Group study of medicines - Dr.Krishnendu Maity
94. Remedies in Compositae Family - Dr.Nirupama K Desai
95. Tarentula Hispana
96.Clinicopathological Correlations in Materia Medica - Dr.sreenath Rao ...pm14

1. Homeopathy for safe motherhood - Dr. S. S. Babar
2. Gynaecology and Homeopathy


29.Hahnemann's classification of chronic disease
30. Miasm cases
31. Concept of chronic disease - inplications - Dr.Nimisha Mehta
32.Interpretation & integration of symptoms according to homeopathic concepts - Dr.Y.Dinesh Rao
33.Clinico pathological relationship & Miasmatic interpretation - Dr.M.K.Kamath

21. Prescription in pathology case
22. Pathology recommended books for BHMS
23. Urinary bladder
24. Bleeding disorders
25. Red cell disorders
26. Blood smear examinations
27. Cellular Injury & Ageing - Dr.Srinivaslu
28. Circulatory disorders
29. Clinical haematology images
30. Leukemias
31. Differential staining in peripheral smear
32. Disease - pre clinical and clinical phase
33. Embolism - Dr.G.Srinivaslu
34. Embolism - Dr.S.S.Hiremath
35. Oedma - Dr.Ashok Shailesh
36. Gangrene and embolism - Dr.Hiremath
37. Gangrene - miasmatic study and therapeutics - Dr.Ajeeta M Prabhu
38. Gangrene - Dr.G.Srinivaslu
39. Granulation tissue and necrosis
40. Group task in pathology
41. Haemolytic anemias due to extrinsic factors
42. WBC disorders - Dr. Venkatesh M. Shashidhar
43. Haemoglobin importance - Dr.S.P.Sinhasan
44. Reactive proliferation of lymph nodes
45. Necrosis & Edema - Dr.R.Thamilselvi
46. Homeopathic approach to immunity - Dr.E.Rathinasabapathy
47. How to teach inflamation & healing
48. Hyper sensitivity reaction
49. Hyper sensitivty reactions - 11
50. Immunology - Dr.C.Bharat
51. Hypersensitivity reactions
52. Immunology
53. Transplant rejestion
54. What is edema
55. Iron deficiency anemia
56. Iron metabolism
57. Chronic leukemias
58. Lymphomas - images
59. Lymphomas - practicals
60. Necrosis - Dr.Farhat.C
61. Neoplasia - Dr.dayanand S Biligi
62. Neoplasm Homeopathic approach - Dr. Shivaprasad. K
63. Non-Hodgkin  Lymphomas (NHL)
64. Homeopathic remedies for organ affinity
65. Plasma cytoma
66. Plasma cell disorders
67. Plasma cell dyscrasia
68. Pulmonary edema
69. Deep mycosis
70.How to teach thrombosis and infarctionm - Dr. Udaya Kumar.M. MD
71. Sjogren's syndrome
72. Autoimmune diseases
73. Breast fibro adenoma,carcinoma,testis-seminoma
74. Acid fast stain of mycobacterium tuberculsos
75. Benign tumors
76. Charecter of malignat tumors
77.  Tuberculosis and cancer of lung
78. Pathology of Liver
79. Atherosclerosis & Monckberg's medial calcific sclerosis
80. Carcinoma Stomach,Carcinoma Colon,Pleomorphic Adenoma
81. Pyelo nephritis and renal cell carcinoma
82. Endometrium
83. Thyroid, grave's disease and papillary carcinoma
84. Bone tumors
85. Lyphomas
86. Leukemias
87. Anemias
88. Acute appendicitis
89. CVc, liver, lung and thrombosis
90. Cytogenic disorders involving sex chromosomes
91. Lymphomas
92. Teaching – Homoeopathic approach in Thrombosis & infarction - Dr.R.Y.Nadaf
93. Homoeopathic approach to Thrombosis & Infarction - Dr.R.Y.Nadaf
94. Myelodisplastic syndrome
95. Plasma cell neoplasam
96. Leukemias
97. Myeloproliferative disorders
98. Leukemias - Dr.Sinhasan

1.How much water do you need a day  .xls
2.Blood tests in day to day practice - Dr.Nazarulla  
3.How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests  


7.Blood tests in day to day practice - Dr.Nazarulla  .
8.How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests 
9. How to handle an abdominal pain
10. approach to chronic cough - Dr.Habib Khan
11. How to handle seizures
12. approach to vomiting
13. Clinico pathological relationship & Miasmatic interpretation - Dr.M.K.Kamath
14. Clinicopathological Correlations in Materia Medica - Dr.sreenath Rao
15. Homeopathic approach to CNS disorders
16. Obstructive Pulmonary disorders (COPD) - Dr.Suja Pillai
17. Homeopathic approach to eruptive fevers
18. Approach to a child with fever
19. headache in Children
20. Homeopathic approach to GIT disorders
21. Growth and developement
22. Principles in the homeopathic management of multi drug resistance tuberculosis - Dr.Champat B Jain
23. Interpretation of lab reports
24. Information acquired from investigations
25. Malaria diagnostics - gail Stennies
26. Homeopathic approach to pediatric ailments - Dr.Reetha Krishnan
27. Homeopathic approach in neonatology
28. Investigations in orthopedics
29. Homeopathic pain and palliative remedies
30.Managing Epilepsies in Children and Adolescents - Kurupath Radhakrishnan
31. Respiratory infections - 
32. Homeopathic approach to respiratory disorders
33. Swine flu H1 N1 -swine2.ppt
34. Swine flu - the real facts - Dr.Suja Pillai   swine.ppt
35. Homeopathic approach in swine flu - Dr.Aji Punnen  swinehomeo.pptx


17. Aggression
18. Child Psychiatry - Effective  prescriptions  through Repertory - Dr.Mansoor Ali
19. Psychiatry History taking and Mental status Examination


8. Two diamensional ecocardiography - Dr.Manoj Abhang
9. An overview of CT & MRI
10. Computerised tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging - Dr.Manoj Abhang
11. MRI of Knee - Dr.Deepak Patkar
12. Radiodiagnosis  - An overview
13. Ultrasonography - Dr.Manoj Abhang

16. Baithuzakat - Kerala
17. Duaa in Arabic
18. Concept of halal and haram in Islam .pps
19. Ramadan message.pps
20. Ramadan a comprehensive view .pps
21. Ramadan study. 1
22. Ramadan study.2 pps
23. Ramadan Mubarak
24. The blessed month of fasting.pps
25. Welcome to graert journey .pps
26. self evalutaion during Ramadan .xls
27. Zakat Calculator Version 2009 .xls

41. case taking - ICR method
42. Case taking in homeopathy - Dr.Shivprasad Yadav
43. The Basics of Repertory and Methods and techniques -Dr.A.Shanthakumar


61.Asking the right research question - Zinia T Nujum
62. Case controll design - an over view
63. Statistical Testing and Inference -Tony Lawrence
64. Clinical epidemoilogy - research design
65. Developement of instrument - Dr.Sathidevi
66. Survey epidemiology - Zinia T Nujum
67. Cohort Study - Dr.Geetha.S
68. Descriptive statistics
69. Diagnostic tests - Dr.Shah Navas.P
70. Refining a Research Question (Protocol Development_ - Dr.M.K.C.Nair
71. Basic research methods - Dr.Niranjan Mohanty
72. Descriptive studies - What they can and cannot do - Dr.Shah Navas.P
73. Health policy and health economics - Dr.V.Mohanan Nair
74. Introduction to epidemiology
75. Medeical Research - Dr.Harikumaran Nair
76. Reaserch Methodology in homeopathic context - Dr.Munir Ahammed. R
77. Qualitative research methods -Dr. Ramadevi.S
78. Randomised Controll Trials - The basics - Dr.Padma mohan.J
79. Methodology of clinical research - Dr.Ramdas Pisharody
80. Univariate and Multivariate Analysis - Suresh Rathi
81. SPSS - Suresh Rathi
82. Data Presentation and Report Writing - Suresh Rathi


13.Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases in Kerala Context
14. Non communicable diseases
15. Non communicable diseases.II
16. Water and vector born diseases
17. Zoonotic diseases


17. Role of homoeopathy in the field of surgery

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Update 29.09.09

Professors : 4
One each in Anatomy, materia Medica, Practice of medicine, Physiology & biochemistry
Qualification : MD in Homeopathy + 2 years experience as reader, as per CCH norms

Reader : 10
One each in Physiology, Organon, Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Pathology, FMT, Practice of Medicine, Surgery, OBG, Repertory

Qualification : MD in Homeopathy + 4 years teaching as lecturer, as per CCH norms

Apply with attested certificates and resume to

The Principal / Supdt
Gujarat Homeopathic Merdical College & Hospital
Savli, dist Baroda, salvi. 391 770

Malayaly (Kerala) Homeopathy Doctors
For a newly starting clinic at Diera. Dubai
Attractive salary
MOH clearance necessary

Apply with resume to
Al Fida Medical Centre
Homeopathy & Dental
Al- attar shopping mal. Warama. Flat 127
Dubai. UAE
Email :   Mob : 00971 50 3466103

Friday, September 18, 2009

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Similima interview with New CCH President

Interview with New CCH President  Dr.Ramjee Singh by similima editor Dr.Lokesh Dev
Read at