Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tutor post vacancies in Kerala & NIH Result

NIH MD(Hom) Entrance result 2010 published

Number of Tutor post vacancies in Govt. Homeopathic Medical Colleges of Kerala

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Friday, April 2, 2010

New question papers and Articles

Andhrapradesh MD (Homoeo) Entrance Question Paper -2000
Andhrapradesh MD (Homoeo) Entrance Question Paper -2001 -2002
Part 1 & 2 MD (Hom) Question paper from various universities
BHMA (First to Final year) Question papers from various Universities
Placebo effects in homeopathy not larger than in conventional medicine
Homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics in diarrhoea in piglets
Homeopathy and plastics
Homoeopathy - A Miracle in Practice - Dr.(Mrs) Neena S. Menon
Infectious diseases and the colonised mind - Prof.K.S.Jacob
World Health forum - Homeopathy today - Round Table
Steiner and the similimum - Francis Treuherz M.A.
Aborigines,Benedictines and Homeopathy - Francis Treuherz
The Origins of Kent's Homeopathy - Francis Treuherz
Homeopathy around the world - Francis Treuherz
Practical application of various principles of Homeopathy for selection of similimum- Dr.Mohammed Furqan Aamer
Emotionally Neutral Phosphoric Acid- A Psychodynamic Study - Dr. Krishnendu maity
Relationship of Anatomy with Materia Medica - Dr. R. D. Pavalan
Practical understanding of Acid remedies in Homeopathy - Dr.Neena S Suresh
Management of mental disorders of old age - A critical problem in Indian perspective - Dr. Smita Brahmachari
Dreams - History and concepts - Dr. Smita Deb Krori (Maity)