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'Bom Sabado' - Orkut Virus

Orkut Virus

A virus or malicious worm called 'Bom Sabado'hit millions of scrapbooks of Orkut users in India.

So delete the cookies from your PC and change the login passwords till Orkut officials come up with an announcement that the 'Bom Sabado' worm has been removed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

235 New Medical/Homeopathic PowerPoint Presentations

Most of you are making lots of good power points as a part of your study /project/teaching/collection. 
Here is a golden opportunity to share that powerpoints with world.
Please mail to   :  

Homeopathic Education
Financial & Medical auditing 
Do's and Don'ts in Examinations - Students' expectations
Doctor patient relationship - Dr.V.P.Paily 
Evidence based medicine and our profession - Prof.Alokendu Chatterjee
Visualisation of data - Dr.Pradeedp Kumar.K

Homeopathic/Medical Research
Interventional clinical research methods - Steven T Dekosky 
Latest research in the field of homeopathy - Dr.M.Nisanth Nambison
An introduction to qualitative research - Anna Voce
Antibacterial activity of homoeopathic drugs in vitro - Dr.K.M.Nisanth Nambison

Practice of Medicine
Acid peptic diseases - Dr.Divya Sambsivan
Water soluble vitamins & their deficiencies - Dr.Afisa
Alzheimer's disease- Unraveling the mystery - Dr.Praveen
Anaemia and its treatment - Dr.Asha V Sashi
Anthrax - Dr.Asha V Sashi
Antibiotic use - What should be the strategy - Dr.Seetha.P.M 
Gastric & peptic ulcer - Dr.Asmabi.K.P
Burns varieties and effects
Cardiac poisons - Dr.Farhan S Nadaf
Clinical examinations of cardiovascular system - Dr.Jayadeep.B.P
Dermatology with homeopathy.Part.II
Emerging and re-emerging diseases - WHO
Gastroesophagal reflux disease & homeopathy - Dr.Praveen
Gullain barre syndrome - Dr.Praveen
Headache and its management - Dr.Venmani
Heart failure - Dr.Venmani
Haemorrhage and types
Hormone replacement therapy - Dr.Thanku Mathew
Hyperlipedemia - Dr.Rajeev.O
Insulin sensitizers - Dr.Sujatha.T.L
Early pregnancy termination - a comparative study - Dr.C.P.Jishabai
Know Your liver
Meningitis - Dr.Nadhiya
Renal calculi - Dr.Anu Joseph
Opthalmology - a brief introduction - Dr.Sujeesh.S.S
Opthalmology .Part.II
Paraplegia - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Parkinsonism - Dr.Bharat Praveen
Shoulder Dystocia - Dr.sabeena Panicker
Principles of clinical myology
Pyrexia of unknown origin - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Rabies - the rage road - Dr.Divya sanal
Rheumatoid arthritis - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Urinary tract infections
Seborrheic dermatitis - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Cerebrovascular accident & homeopathy - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Pathological pigmentation - Dr.Sruthy Susan John
Thyroid in medicine
Everything on thyroid
Mangement of congenital cataract - Dr.Sujeesh.S.S 
Urinary tract infections - Dr.Divya sambasivan
Urinary tract infection - Dr.Divya sanal
Valvular heart disease - Dr.Preethi John
Vitamin deficiency disorders

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Antepartum haemorrhage - Dr.Usha Sadashivan
ARDS in obstetrics - Dr.Pramodhyni.D
Avoiding complications at laproscopy - Dr.Ambarisha Bhandiwad
Diseases of the cervix including tumors - Dr.Bettina S Pratap
Caesarian section - merits & demerits - Dr.Elizabeth Iype
Surgery of ovarian cancer - Dr.K.Chitrathara
Mangemnet of breech - Prof.Valsamma Chacko & Dr.Anupama.R
Conduct of labor - Dr.N.Syamala
Management of intrauterine growth retardation - What is new? - Dr.P.Balachandran
Urological injuries in Gynaec practice - Dr.N.P.Sasikumar
Caesarian section - changing trends - Dr.Shyam Desai
Update on medical management of menorrhagia - Dr.K.Latha 
Un explained infertility - Dr.Meera Nair 
Assessment of ovarian reserve - Dr.Santhamma Mathew
Current trends in management of PIH - Dr.P.K.Shyamala Devi
Pre term or premature rupture of the membrane - Dr.V.M.Jayasree Thankachi
Role of ovulogens in PCOs - Dr.Priya.D
Monitoring of labor by partograph & value in dysfunctional labour - Dr.N.Shyamala
Carcinoam Vulva - modification in management - Dr.N.Shyamala
Conservative surgical modalities in the management of menorrhagia - Dr.Ullas Prasannan
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding & homeopathy - Dr.Preethi John 
Adolescent functional uterine bleeding - Principles of management 
Fibroid uterus and homoeopathy - Dr.Resmi.R
Gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogues in PCOs
Twin pregnancies - Dr.Hema.S.Nair
Induction of labor and cervical ripening - Dr.T.L.Sujatha
Infection prevention in every day obstetric practice - Dr.Nirmala.C
Intrauterine growth restriction - Dr.Prasannakumari.B
Intrauterine growth restriction - Dr.Krishnapriya
Early pregnancy termination - a comparative study - Dr.C.P.Jishabai
Kerala federations' role in maternal mortality review - Dr.V.P.Paily
Lunelle - Monthly contraceptive
Management of ectopic gestation - recent trends - Dr.Sheila Balakrishnan 
Misoprostol in first trimester abortion - Dr.Sheela Shenoy
Laproscopic ovarian surgery reviewed in the modern era of PCOs - 
Instrumental delivery - pit falls - Dr.Vasanthakumar.K.P
Polycystic ovarian syndrome - an overview - Prof.Ajitha Kumari
Postpartun haemorrhage - Dr.B.Laila
Gonadotrophin in PCOs - Dr.Lekshmi.R
Preterm labor & PROM - Dr.Sujamol Jacob
Reveiwing maternal death & complications to make pregnancy safer - Dr.V.P.Paily
Eclampasia - an overview
Screening for ovarian cancer - Dr.Sulekhadevi.P.B
Uterine fibroid embolisation - Dr.Radhamony.D
Vaginal birth after caesarean - Dr.Sangeetha Menon

Materia Medica
Agaricus Muscaris - Dr.Sandeep Kuar Ram 
Cruciferae - Dr.Sandhanaraj
Rananculaceae - Dr.Rajeev.O
Natrum Phos - Dr.Sandeep Kumar Ram 

Organon & Philosophy
Nature of chronic diseases - Dr.Ranjith Chandra
Nature of chronic disease - Psora - Dr.Ranjith Chandra 
Role of Susceptibility and Immunity in Progress of disease - Dr.Navin Pawaskar
Nature of chronic diseases - Latent psora - Dr.Ranjith Chandra
Essay on new principle for ascertaining the curative power of drugs
Homeopathy through the eyes of stuart close
Miasm Part.I Psora - Dr.Jenita
Miasm Part.II Psora - Dr.Jenita
Sycosis -Part.I - Dr.Jenita
Sycosis -Part.II - Dr.Jenita
Sycosis.Part.III - Dr.Jenita
Sypillis Part.I - Dr.Jenita
Syphillis Part.II - Dr.Jenita
Syphillis Part.III - Dr.Jenita
Tubercular miasm Part.I - Dr.Jenita
Tubercular miasm Part.II - Dr.Jenita

Akshardam - Laser Show
Cities at night
Excellent paintings
Football game plan 
From parethan 
Funny ads 
Garden City - Bangalore 
Girls & Boys desk 
I am rich 
I can fix 
Incredible imagination
Just think 
Kerala Roads
Kerals' own puttu
Last moments in life 
Mexican drug lord
Ormayundo ithu
Overloading re-defined
Photography - not an easy job
Pookkalam from Kerala
Real woman 
Free food in this restaurant 
Salary day in various places
Tintu strikes
Tintu Strikes again
Women explained by engineers
Banana during recession

HIV - Dr.Farhan S Nadaf

Aircraft careers 
First climb at Burj Khalifa
Friendship is friendship
Historic photographs
Must read
My mother
The song of birds
The thought
The three stories
What we are looking for?
Who is rich & poor?
Water disaster
Smile always - really inspirational 

Alfred Adler's concept regarding personality development - Dr.Smitha.R.Menon
Personality - theories and percepts - Dr.Partha.P.Ray
Psychology basics

Diseases of esophagus - Dr.Athira.A.R
Branches of pathology - Dr.Vipul R Shastri
Neoplasms of lip 
Pathology of neoplasia - Dr.Divya Sambasivan
Bordotella pertusis - Dr.Smitha R Menon
Nephrolithiasis - Munnu Das.D
Shock - Clinical features- Dr.Vasudha.S
Tumors of the floor of the mouth - Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Cell biophysics and biochemistry - Dr.Anuraj
Portal Circulation - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
Respiratory system - Dr.J.Adline Jerald Paul
Renal function test - Dr.Jayadeep.B.P
TCA Cycle - Dr.Anoop.P.V
The lens - Dr.Sujeesh.S.S
Trigeminal nerve - Dr.Smitha R Menon
Trigeminal nerve - Dr.Joby.J
Vertebral artery - Dr.Smitha R Menon
Vestibulo Cochlear nerve - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Homeopathic Therapeutics
Cervical spondylosis and homoeopathy - Dr.Pradeedp Kumar.K 
Asthma our mission is to cure - Dr.Bharat
Homeopathic therapeutics of Urinary tract infection - Dr.Divya Sanal

Homeopathy General
Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghauen - life & works
Dr.Constantine Hering - father of homoeopathy in America
Life and works of Dr.J.T.Kent - Dr.Joby
Life and works of Kent
Application of miasm in clinical pediatrics - Dr.R.Sarath Chandran
Energies of human and earth - Dr.Rolland R Conte
Saga of legendary Dr.Samuel Hahnemann - Dr.Vinu Krishnan

Cranial nerves - applied anatomy - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
Cranial nerves v,vi,vii - Dr.Sharika.K.U
Larynx - applied anatomy - Dr.Aruna Parvathy.L
Larynx - clinical anatomy DD of dysphonia stridor with investigation - Dr.Smitha.R Menon
Liver and Liver Function test - Dr.Sharika.K.U
Nose applied anatomy - Dr.Aruna Parvathy
Anterior pituitary

Chronic ottitis media with MCQs - Dr.Jitendra Patel
Ear and its applied anatomy - Dr.Shamna B.N

Microbiology & Parasitology
Dengue Fever and Homoeopathy - Dr.Smitha R Menon
Dengue fever - Management - Dr.Thanooja.S.H
Sterilisations and disinfection - Fathima.N.A
Filariasis and homeopathy - Dr.Rajeev.O
Vibrio Cholera - Dr.Jayadeep B P 

Understanding ultrasound in the background of embryology - Dr.B.Prasannakumari

Book Reviews
Clinical proceedings-Dept. of Medicine, Medical College. Calicut - Sreekala.M
Minton's Uterine therapeutics - Dr.Rajeev.O
Repertory of antipsorics - Dr.Suja Pillai 

Case taking & Repertorisation
Case taking methods by Dr.J.T.Kent - Dr.Resmi.M.R
Case taking methods by EB Nash - Dr.Aisha J Hassan
Rubrics representing mood disorders in Synthesis - Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Pediatric constitution - Dr.Shahadi.E
Some cases from pediatric practice - Dr.D.P.Rastogi
ADHD - Evaluation and treatment - Dr.Edward J Coll

Maniac depressive psychosis

Principles of stress incontinence surgeries - Dr.V.P.Paily 

Case presentations
Magic through homeopathy - Dr.Sayan Dutta Ray

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Call for Papers by ELSEVIER

Communication in complementary medicine approaches in healthcare
Patient Education and Counseling
Web :

For 2012 PEC is planning to publish a special issue on Communication in complementary medicine approaches in healthcare. The scope of this special issue is not the state of art of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions, but rather issues involved in several aspects of the communication about CAM, and especially complementary medicine (CM). 

Important themes topics are: the definition of CAM and Integrative medicine (IM), the place of CM in health care, the need by patients for CM and how they express that, the role of health care practitioners (HCP) in promoting and delivering CM, CM for patients with chronic and life-threatening diseases; traditional medicine in cross cultural perspective and its use by minorities; the implementation of CM in integrative primary care setting, communicating the results of CM studies, guidelines about CM, training of HCP’s in CM, and the role of CM in the medical curriculum in undergraduate studies in medical school and graduate residency programs 

Patient Education and Counseling is an interdisciplinary, international journal for patient education and health promotion researchers, managers, physicians, nurses and other health care providers. The journal seeks to explore and elucidate educational, counseling and communication models in health care. Its aim is to provide a forum for fundamental as well as applied research, and to promote the study of the delivery of patient education, counseling, and health promotion services, including training models and organizational issues in improving communication between providers and patients.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Articles on Homeopathy - Sep 2010 Updates

Book Reviews
Crack the Entrance - Dr.Mansoor Ali

Case Presentations
A case of Guttate Psoriasis treated with Natrum Muraticum - Prof G R Mohan
A Case of Neurocysticercosis Cured with Homoeopathy - Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Homeopathy Research
A Clinical Study on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Homoeopathy - Dr. Anjum.E.C
Investigation of Cytokine Expression in Human Leukocyte Cultures with Two Immune-Modulatory Homeopathic Preparations - Cheppail ramachandran
Basis of writing - A Model Homoeopathic Thesis in MD- Dr. Samarendra Prasad Mishra
Self introspection - Keeping an open mind - the research- Dr.M. Prakashrao Rao
Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control
Measurable effects of homeopathic medicines in insomnia
Homeopathy Paper for NHS commissioners
Protocol Outline
Reflections on the application of qualitative research methods to case study design in homeopathic medicine

A General Overview on Personality Disorders
Mental Health - Indian profile

Homeopathy General
A complete handbook of nature cures - Health Library
Homoeopathy – for Mother and Child Health Care - M.N.Sinha,Deepti Dewan
The Causes of Failure in Homeopathy - Dr. André Saine
Fibromyalgia – And Homoeopathic Help - Dr. SaumyaShukla
Funny Medical Definitions
ECH Summer news letter September 2010.
Unregulated Marketing through Medical Journals
Delhi Board of Homoeopathy -  Unearthed Fake Doctors at Burari
Medical ethics violation to be made punishable offence  
Tenth five year plan - ISM & Homeopathy. Govt of India
Renal function test

Materia Medica
Article on Calcarea Carb - Dr A.L.Patil
Relationship of remedies - Dr. Mihir Chaudhuri    

Organon of Medicine
MIASM- An Iceberg in Homoeopathy - Dr.R.P.Sharma
Paracelsus and Homoeopathy - Dr. Partha P. Ray
Understanding Susceptibility in Homeopathy - Dr A.L.Patil
Concept of Disease and Totality of Symptoms - Dr.Beena Abrahame

Homeopathy Education
BHMS Admission at Pakistan
Need for creativity in classroom -A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Self_Assessment_Toolkit- Homeopathy hosspitals
Developing a success mind set in 7 easy steps- Eric Zimmerman
First BHMS Syllabus approved by Kerala Health University

Madaras High Court verdict - Ayuvdea, Homeopathy, Siddha people can practice surgery & medicine - Court order
Government Response to the Science and Technology Committee report 'Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy’at UK
Transfer of MOs in Kerala Sept 2010
Theories of Personality Development

An appeal : Most of you are making lots of good power points and articles as a part of your study /project/teaching. Here is a golden opportunity to share that with world.

Please send the articles and ppts to :  

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National Platform of Indian Homoeopaths

Official Website of
Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA)
The national platform of Indian Homoeopaths

Read History, Activities, Training programmes, Media Centre, Publications, Photos, Events, News etc. of various state chapters across India 

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NABH accreditation for AYUSH Hospitals & doctors

Work Shop at Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin,Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkatta, MP, UP etc.

A series of one day workshops are being organized to sensitize the AYUSH Hospital’s stakeholders on NABH accreditation standards. Detailed schedule is as follows:

1. Sep 04 Bangalore National Institute of Unani Medicine,nKottigepalya, Magadi Main Road, BANGALORE – 560091,Karnataka State, INDIA,Ph: 080-23584260
2. Sep 10 Chennai Conference Hall, Central Research Institute For Siddha, Arignar Anna Govt. Hospital of Indian Medicine Campus,Arumbakkam, Chennai- 600106
3. Sep 18 Cochin Amriteshwari Hall, Amrita Insitute of Medical Sciences,Amrita Lane, Elamakara, Kochi- 682026
4. Sep 25 Delhi Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga,Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,68, Ashoka Road, Near Gol Dak Khana New Delhi- 110001
8.Uttar Pradesh

Target Participants: Owners / Medical professionals / Administrators / Technical Staff / Consultants from Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Siddha and Yoga and Naturopathy Hospitals

Formore details :