Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IIT Delhi to organise workshop for teachers

The Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi is organizing three day long workshop on Effective Teaching through Case Study Methodology from March 14-16, 2011. The workshop is aimed at sharpening the skills in the case method of teaching. There are three clear requirements of effective teaching using the case method identifying the most effective cases for the topics covered in the course, preparing to lead the class discussion and leading the class discussion in a manner such that student s discover the theory rather than be informed about it. The workshop aims to train participants about the case methodology for effective teaching skills.

IIT Delhi is inviting Professors/Lecturers and Owner Managers of the Business Schools desirous of sharpening their teaching skills and competencies. Research Scholars and Students who are looking towards teaching as a career option can also participate. 

The workshop will have lectures, case discussions, experience sharing, simulations and role-play which will form a part of the methodology. The participants would develop an action-plan for implementation at the end of the workshop. IIT Delhi will award certifcate of participation.

Dr Harish Chaudhry: Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, Dr Rajendra Nargundkar :IMT Nagpur , Dr Mohammad Akbar: Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow are the resource people. Besides them, a number of senior professors from llTs and llMs will  contribute to the program. Senior consultants and executives from industry shall come in for special topics.

The participation fee of the workshop is Rs. 10,000/- (non residential) per participant. The fee would include certification cost, faculty fees, course materials, stationery and working lunch/tea/coffee during the breaks. The guest house charges for accommodation shall be borne directly by the participants. 

Participants are to be nominated by their organizations or can sponsor themselves as well. The last date of receiving the duly filled registration form along with Cheque/Demand Drafts drawn in favor of “llT Delhi” payable at New Delhi is 10th March, 2O11. The dully filled nomination form along with the Cheque/Demand Drafts may be sent to 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Latest Homeopathy & Medical News February 2011

  • Why AYUSH not sanctioning PG Courses in Kerala?
  • One-minute Online Test to Predict IVF Success 
  • “Is the CBC Marketplace Show Infiltrated by Pharmaceutical Company Sponsored Skeptics?”
  • Allopathy Doctor Recommends Avoiding Flu Shot, Taking Vitamin D Instead
  • Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America
  • Nobel laureate Montagnier takes homeopathy seriously
  • AICTE’s new norms irk managements
  • Centre to make Higher Education accessible through internet
  • IIT-Bombay launches national-level online program to train teachers
  • Classical homeopathy in the treatment of cancer patients - a prospective observational study of two independent cohorts.
  • From Hahnemann's hand to your computer screen: building a digital homeopathy collection
  • Genetic History of Pneumonia-Causing Superbug Unraveled 
  • Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts
  • Electromagnetic Signals from HIV Prospects for a Science of Homeopathy
  • WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer 'used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout'
  • Artificial pancreas could save lives during pregnancy
  • Sense About Science: Big Pharma & Agribusiness Lobby Group Masquerades as Charity
  • Vaccine Pushed on Infants Causes Drug-Resistant Pneumonia: JAMA Study
  • Women spend more on Looks, not on Fitness 
  • Perspective – Taking Teaching Skills to Laos
  • IGNOU imparting quality education to marginalized section
  • IIT-Bombay prof sacked for sexual harassment;loses one third pension, gratuity
  • Tonsillectomies cause kids to gain excess weight
  • International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report
  • How You Can Have Better Sexual Life...
  • Sex During Pregnancy Deemed Safe
  • Brisk Walks May Boost Memory in Older Adults
  • Most X-Rays, Scans Unnecessary for Acute Low Back Pain
  • NIH summit to focus on management of radiation dose in computerized tomography
  • A Guide to Appraising and Applying Quality-Improvement Evidence
  • How to Use an Article About Quality Improvement
  • Alcoholism Treatment Success May Hinge on Genes
  • HRD Ministry sends final notice to 44 deemed universities
  • Opinion: Homoeopaths scramble into damage control mode
  • The MHRA and the Labeling of Homeopathic Products
  • Call for clear, honest labelling about evidence on homeopathic products
  • Review of Medicines Act 1968: Information Consultation on issues relating to the PLR Regime and Homeopathy at UK
  • World's top blood pressure drug gets failing mark
  • Number of Americans with Diabetes Rises to Nearly 26 Million
  • Going digital may not improve U.S. patient care
  • Ethics Grand Rounds: Multidrug-Resistant Organisms in a Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • CAM back in the Swiss basic health insurance system
  • Indian Government offers 20 scholarships on traditional medicine
  • A Shocking Result - Automated external defibrillators did not improve survival among hospitalized patients with cardiac arrest.
  • "Unscientific" is secret code for anyone who opposes GMOs or pesticides
  • Opinion: CBC Marketplace exposes homoeopathy
  • Cases dropped against malaria homeopaths
  • Kolkata-based homeopath Prasanta Banerji felicitated in Tripura
  • Drug used for male pattern baldness makes men impotent, grows man boobs
  • Automated External Defibrillators and Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Smoking Scenes in Movies Light Up Smokers' Brains
  • Latest research links autism to vaccines 
  • Nurses' Long Shifts May Put Hospital Patients at Risk: Study
  • Teachers can now evaluate students online with TRS softwares
  • J&J recalls 50 million more drugs on top of 200 million recalled throughout 201
  • Herbal Firm in Punjab claims solution for HIV/AIDS 
  • Severe Mental Health Disorders Untreated in Many U.S. Teens
  • Teachers misusing UGC funds of Faculty Improvement Programme
  • Opinion: Do homoeopaths truly treat cancer or is this a lie?
  • Good Bond Between Therapist, Depressed Patient Aids in Recovery
  • Bladder control problems more common in ADHD
  • India needs more health workers: Lancet
  • Study reveals top ten violence-inducing prescription drugs
  • Homeopathy and The Lancet
  • Degroote's Dream Repertory gives a new dimension to the homeopathic analysis! 
  • Levels of Health -The Second Volume of "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoulkas  

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