Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crack the Entrance A preparatory manual for MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy

This book is not only useful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations but also for BHMS & MD students for their theory & viva voce – since this book contains lot of authentic study materials on materia medica in addition to multiple choice questions.

The Book written by Dr.Anil K. & Dr.Jithesh T.K, who had cracked many competitive examinations in Homoeopathy has   been compiled after years of tireless hard work, thorough analysis of the previous question papers of various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy. Having appeared for various competitive examinations in Homoeopathy the authors are very well aware of the tricks of the trade and have incorporated this experience in compiling this book.

In each chapter there are charts, tips for easy study, re-caps etc, which are based on frequently asked questions. The candidates have to be well versed in this chapter as it has been seen that questions based on these study materials have appeared differently in different question papers.

 1.How To Study Materia Medica for M.C.Q examinations
2. Important Books on Materia medica & their authors
3. Provers / Authorities
4. The Vegetable kingdom
5. The Animal kingdom
6. The Mineral kingdom
7. The Nosodes, Sarcodes & Impoderabilia
8   Constitution
9   Desire, Aversion & Intolerance of important medicines
10 Important Modalities of medicines
11. Relationship of remedies
12 Tips from Boericke`s Materia medica.
13 Previous Questions Revisited

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