Sunday, October 11, 2009

Latest News - Homeo World in 11.10.09

Independant Organisation for the homeopathic students of Kerala
Dr.Reji Kumar of Trivandrum appointed as Consultant AYUSH Integration Kerala
No external course in Homoeopathy  Kerala
Emailing, texting may harm you
Homeopathy emerging as most reliable treatment method
Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine
Swine flu vaccine victims encouraged to post reports of side effects on
Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence
Conventional Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Really Works to Ease Cancer Treatment Symptoms
Unani medical college to be set up in J and K
Social isolation 'worsens cancer'   
Dental anesthesia is very dangerous
Can aloe vera prevent and cure cancer?
Do Not Kill a Fever: Fever Kills Viruses
Toxins at Bhopal Still Kill Indians after One Generation
Nobel Prize winning virologist's new research gives significant support to homeopathic pharmacology.

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