Friday, October 30, 2009

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Sri Lankan Minister dissolved Homeopathic Council - Express your concern
Concerns about ESI Exam homeopathy - Dr.Mansoor Ali
Kerala PSC Medical Officer Homeopathy Rank Holders' Association 2009
How to improve your clinic with in 6 months
Doctors Will Not Give H1N1 Shots to Their Kids
H1N1 Vaccine Sweden: 190 Advese Reactions, 1 Death
Homeopathy in the year 2050 - Dr. Marcelo Candegabe
Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media
Sri Lanka Homoeopathic Medical Council - Regulations
A Short Note on Weights & Measures -
An over view on cassia sophera  
No other remedy ..... Nash says  
Homeopathic case taking format
A Trial of Homeopathy for Moderate to Severe Depression
The facts about an ingenious homeopathic experiment that was not completed due to the “tricks” of Mr. James Randi.
Comment by George Vithoulkas to the article of Ian Sample in Guardian (26.10.2009)
Glimpses of cardiohom 2009

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Court Expelled Dr.M.P.Prakasn of Calicut from CCH
Experts assure making homoeopathy a strong system of medicine in Nagaland
All-India homoeopathy institute for state?
What ails AYUSH services in Bihar State?
Institute of Holistic Mental Health (IHMH).
WRCGO 2009 Conference & Exhibit
HPV jab girls are 'sex cautious'  
Pesticide may reduce fertility, says study
Homeopathy in the year 2050
Comment by George Vithoulkas to the article of Ian Sample in Guardian (26.10.2009)      
New Retrovirus Is Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
IVF couples warned over drinking  
Medical Errors Still Common in U.S. Hospitals
'Never  give paracetamol after vaccination'  
Lactoferrin and Sepsis: Good News for Low Birth Weight Infants
Juggling increases brain power  
Children can 'imagine away' pain  
The facts about an ingenious homeopathic experiment &  “tricks” of Mr. James Randi.
Homeopathic vaccines under attack in Australia
A story from Canada of experience with Oscillococcinum in H1N1
Homeopathic  preventive medicines for H1N1 Influenza
Nobel Prize winner reports effects of high dilutions
Homeopaths want research centre for HINI
Homeopathy for Allergies: A review of evidence
Now, Emami forays into homeopathy
Freedom from psoriasis the homeopathic way
Homeo sapiens : Views of a non-believer…

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