Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Articles in (Updated on 20th October 2009)

Latest Articles in

Nobel Prize winning virologist's new research gives significant support to homeopathic pharmacology 
New evidence for homeopathy - ECH press release
Searching science in Homeopathy - Re reading in homeopathy 
A comparative investigation into the causes of current popularity of homeopathy in The USA, The UK, India and Netherlands 
Physical Essence of Information-including Remedies
Physico-chemical evaluations of homeopathic mother tincture of Mimosa pudica Linn. (lajvanti)
Quantitative Methods for Validating Human Pathogenetic Trials 
RCT on Post viral arthritis at GHMC Calicut - Project report
Protective efficacy of Homeopathic genus epidemicus Kerala - Study findings
List of  Organon Dissertation topics
An approach to acute Diarrhoeal disorders through Sector and constitutional Homoeopathic treatment - Abstract
A clinical study on the quality of life in patients suffering from Cancer of respiratory tract & GIT. Part.1 
A clinical study on the quality of life in patients suffering from Cancer of respiratory tract & GIT. Part.11 
Utility of Synthesis repertory in the treatment of migrane
Clinical Utility of Fever Chapter of Boger’s Repertory in the treatment of eruptive fevers in Comparison to Kent’s Repertory
A study on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in Diabetes mellitus satisfying DSM-IV-TR 
Kerala Govt. GO favoring unqualified practitioners in Kerala
Kerala Government Pay revision of teachers in Government Medical, Dental, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Science Colleges
Kerala Public health Act 2009 draft - suggestions invited
Minimum requirements for a Homeopathic Medical College India
Scope of BHMS degree programme in Pakistan
Hidden truth - Swine Flu
Brain Damaging Habits
Health - Very important tips
Mappa Mundi method and its application to Homeopathy
Prophylaxis in Homeopathy
Psychosomatic disorders & Homeopathy
Scope & limitations of different modes of employing medicines
Scope and limitations of homeopathy
Holistic Concept - Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy
Anatomy and applied anatomy of breast
Applied anatomy of Mouth
Concept of Cure, Disease and Drug relationship
Inflammation, degeneration, repair - Homeopathic approach
Homoeopathy for Behavioral problem in Children
Behaviour in psychology
Concept of health and factors affecting
A glance on developmental psychology
Existentialism in psychology
Perception in psychology
Positivism in psychology
Realism in psychology
Attention in Psychology
Stress in psychology
Phenomenology, Pragmatism & analytic Philosophy
Boerick's Repertory - Highest grade single medicine rubrics
Drug, medicine and remedy
Quantitative Methods for Validating Human Pathogenetic Trials
Total Quality Management in Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals - the changing concept
Evolution of symptoms
Lesser Writings of Hahnemann 
Life and living environment
A brief life history of Hahnemann
Remedy Response & Prognosis after the remedy
Miasmatic Evolution - Disease & homeopathic treatment
Renaissance Period in Medicine
Scope and limitations of different modes of employing medicine
Susceptibility in Homeopathy
Concept of Disease and Totality of Symptoms
The medicine of experiance
Hompath Launched Dr. Prafull Vijayakar's Expert System
Nephrotic syndrome in Children & Homeopathy
Role of Homeopathy in Diabetes mellitus with miasmatic management & treatment
Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Homeopathy
Phobia and Homeopathy

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