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Similima Update 04.10.09

Medical / Homeopathic Research
If you are interested in Medical or homeopathic Research ....You will get everything here

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19. Text and Atlas on histology
20. Basic histology - text and atlas  .CHM
21.Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors - Harold Ellis
22. Pocket atlas of radiographic anatomy - Torsten & emil
23. Human anatomy & physiology - Schaum's

1. Ethics and communication
2. Digital Neuroanatomy- George R. Leichnetz
3. Haines Neuro Anatomy
4. Atlas of neuro anatomy and neuro physiology - Netter
5. Sabiston Textbook of Surgery The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice


1. Review of medical physiology 22ne edition - Ganong .chm
2. Text book of medical physiology 11th edn - Guyton
3. Kaplan medical -USMLE Step 1 Physiology Lecture Notes
4. Lehninger - Principles of Bio chemistry
5. Lippincotts - Illustrated reviews of Biochemistry
6. Lubert Stryer - Biochemistry 5th edn
7. Medical physiology - Rhoades & Tanner
8.Human anatomy & physiology - Schaum's  anat.23


14. Fasting for better health
15. Chandramasam what is right & wrong?
16. Keep good relation for a better health
17. Love and express your love
18. Never loss prayers
19. No time for prayer
20. A study on fasting
21. Fathwas and doubts on fasting
22. Your share
23. Things related to fasting good and bad
24. Stories of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
25. Zakat - A brief study
26. Quran malayalam Transalation

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