Sunday, January 2, 2011

Medical Council of India suggests major reforms in MBBS curriculum

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has recommended major reforms in the undergraduate course in medicine by converting conventional education into a competency-based module to develop skilled doctors through early clinical exposure. It has also suggested doubling the intake of medical students to meet the healthcare needs of the country in the coming years.

What we can do in BHMS & MD Homeopathy Courses ?
Can we need homeopathy universities?

Give your valuable suggestions & comments on how to improve the quality of homeopathy education.
We will discuss the issue with Central Council of Homoeopathy

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  1. Hello,
    Teaching homoeopathy must include "high dilutions and their interaction with life "animal, human,...)". Why? because allopathic MD do not prove why chemistry works! Bahbah scientific team of physcs (and not MD) should take care and Homoeo-MD use it. Like MD not be experts on chemistry why Homoeo-MD should be experts in quantum physics!
    Furthers using solid foundation on "high dilutions and their interaction with life 'animal, human,...)" will help them to do a better use of the materia medica (posology, timing chronobiology, liquid or pellets, ...), actually the materia medica is like a "cooking book"
    Then and only then not only homoeomedicine will become a science (in vitro simulation of effects, posology, timing, ..)but allopathic medicine will remain as a cookingbook as far as the prescriptions are concerned; Please take a look at
    Rolland Conte

  2. I Am an intern(bhms), would like to ask what is the prospect of stypen for bhms interns and those aspiring for MD in Homoeopathy. Why CCH is not looking into this matter.Kindly upgrade my knowledge.

  3. I am a fresher (B.H.M.S. completed in 2010). Actually doctors are not interested in giving the practical knowledge to the students. They only want to make money. This is the main reason why most of the homoeopathic students practicing allopathic practice. So for improving the method of teaching first we have to give the practical knowledge to the students from 1st proof.


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