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New Homeopathy Article & Research findings- January 2011

Homeopathy General
Are the so called 'High" potencies really so "high" ?? - Chandran Nambiar K C 
Strawberry Flavor is dangerous
Acute Viral infections - influenza and Homoeopathy - Dr.Beau Carrel

Homeopathy Research
Germination and vigor of lettuce seeds pelleted with homeopathic preparations Alumina and Calcarea carbonica subjected to toxic levels of aluminum.
Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective
Controlled Clinical Trial - An Analysis - Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D
NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine January 2011 
The science behind homeopathy- Unraveling the mystery - Dr Srinivasa Rao Gonuguntla
Homeopathic Management of Depression - An extensive study - DR. Rabiya Bashri 
The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies—–A systematic review of the literature 
The potentiation problem - Some viewpoints from an anthroposophical perspective - Sune Nordwall   
The Structure Of Liquid Water; Novel Insights From Materials Research; Potential Relevance To Homeopathy  
Magnetic and Electric Effects on Water
Plasmon nano-optics provides novel nanotools for bioscience and medicine - Romain Quidant   
Modulation of Signal Proteins: A Plausible Mechanism to Explain How a Potentized Drug Secale Cor 30C Diluted beyond Avogadro's Limit Combats Skin Papilloma in Mice

MD Entrance
IHMA Kerala Model MD (Hom) entrance Exam January 2011 - Paper.1
IHMA Kerala Model MD (Hom) entrance Exam January 2011 - Paper.II
IHMA Kerala Model MD (Hom) Question Paper 

Homeopathy Education
State level Induction training for AYUSH Medical Officers of Kerala November 2010
Mainstreaming of AYUSH pdf
Clinical meeting at Homeopathic Research & Charities.pdf
Homeopathy E - learning programme by George Vithoulkas
Revised pattern of questions in Civil Service Examinations
Homeo Shashthra Vedi (Malayalam) january 2011 issue
IHMA News Vol.4 Issue 1 2011
State level Induction training for AYUSH Medical Officers of Kerala February 2010
NRHM - Programme Implementation 2006-2012
Training feedback form- sample.1.doc
Training feedback form- sample.II.doc
Training feedback form- sample.III.doc
Homoeopathic Practitioners Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics - ethics.html
Laws Relating to Women in India  - Advocate Neena Jose
Rural based Community Orientation for Future Practitioners of Homeopathy - Dr.Munir Ahammed

Report by the Controlling Officer of Homoeopathy on Equalisation of External MD
Recent Govt. Order on status of External MD in Kerala
Period of probation - Modified order by Govt. of Kerala 20.12.2010
Induction training for AYUSH Medical Officers Novemnber 2010
Promotion & Posting of Dr.Krishnan & Dr.Sundaresan December 2010
Transfer and posting of Dr.Smitha Madhavan for PG studies December 2010
Seniority order related to Dr.Uma and Dr.Bindu Pereira December 2010
SBMR - State board of medical research invites proposal for research 
Group Insurance form.B
Group Insurance Schedule

Antisocial Personality and Homoeopathy - Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma 

Homœopathy & Psychology: A Relation - Prof. (Dr) Smita Deb Krori (Maity)

Materia Medica
Kali Group - A Brief Study - Dr A.L.Patil

Seminar Reviews
One Day Workshop with Dr. Biswajit Basu in Kolkata, West Bengal 
Project making competition at CN Kotahri College  
Ten day case centric celebration based on sensation method.pdf

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