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New Medical & Homeopathic PowerPoints

Homeopathy Education
Jyothirgamaya - School Health Programme in Kerala - Dr.Mansoor Ali 
Vision & Mission of department of Homeopathy - Govt. of Kerala - Dr.K.Jamuna
Professional effectivness - Dr.K.Gireesh
Dispensory management and accounting - Dr.P.Haridas
Essentials of dispensory administration - Sri.K.Pavithran
Introspection for doctors - Dr.M.K.Sahani 

Effective Power Points 
Five shcoking design mistakes you need to avoid in powerpoints

NRHM Kerala - an overview - Dr.P.K.Jameela
Legislation in relation to homoeopathy - Dr.Vivek
Panchakarma & rasayana - Dr.M.R.Vasudevan Namboodiri
NRHM Operational Guidlines - Dr.Ajit Prasad
Role of NRHM doctors in Homoeopathy department - Dr.Balachandran nair.G.S
AYUSH Keralam - Dr.Rejikumar.R
Gender based issues - Dr.Indu.P.V
Immunity and Homoeopathy - Dr.R.Pramod Kumar 

Illness of young infants - Dr.Amar Fettle

Practice of Medicine
Medical laboratiry techniques - Dr.V.K.sasikumar
Life style diseases - Dr.K.Sandeep
Dengue Fever - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan 
Hepatitis - Dr.Urvi.G
Motion Sickness - Dr.Ammara Sayed
Neonatal Jaundice & Homoeopathy 
Neonatal Szeiures - Dr.Bharat Chougule
Renal disorders - A clinical approach
Congenital viral infections

Community Medicine
Communicable disease - Dr.P.R.Jaya
Emerging & re- emerging diseases - Dr.Thanooja.S.S
Epidemiology of dengue & Chikungunya - Dr.Thanooja.S.S

Bacterial infection & immunity - Xiao - Kui Guo
Amoebiasis - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
Cestodes - Dr.Sharika.K.U 
Congenital viral infections 
Vibrio Cholera - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Anomalies of aortic arch - Dr.Aswathy Chandranath
Anomalies of aortic arch - Dr.Aswathy Chandranath
Anomalies of aortic arch - Dr.Aswathy Chandranath
Anomalies of aortic arch - Dr.Aswathy Chandranath
Anomalies of aortic arch - Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor 
Neoplasia - Dr.Divya Sanal 
Pnemoconiasis - Dr.Asha V Sasi 

Case Presentation
Understanding case taking in pediatrics - Dr.Salini.G.K
Psychological disorders cured by homoeopathy - Dr.Gopi Krishnan

Basic research methods - Dr.M.N.Sinha & Dr.Deepti Devan

Book Reviews
Berridg's eye - Dr.Preethi John
Boerick's materia Medica
A concise repertory of homeopathic materia medica - Aysha J Hassan

Materia Medica
Chamomilla - a review - Dr.Arun Prasad.K.P
Lachesis Mutae - Dr.Amit Pandey
Comparison of Chamomilla & Cina baby - Dr.Sesha jayaraman

113Evolution of  Sycosis - Dr.Divya M Victor 
114Individualisation in Homoeopathy - Dr.b.Vudya Priyadarshini

Hernia Part.1 - Dr.Sharika.K.U
Hernia Part.II - Dr.Sharika.K.U
Medical Ethics in operating room - a reminder - Prof.Mamoun Kremli

A study on emotions -Dr.Pratik Battacharya

Hyperemesis gravidarum & Homoeopathy - Janani Tamilnadu
Mental aberrations due to women harassment & Homeopathy managment - Dr.S.Gopinadhan
Mental health problems of women - Dr.L.Krishnaprasad  Sreedhar
Gender based violence & Bhoomika Project Kerala - Dr.A.Reghu
Relevance of Gender in planning -  Dr.Mridul Eapen
Seethalayam - women health care centre - Modus operandi - Dr.Balachandran Nair
Women welfare programmes in Kerala - C.K.Raghavan Unni

Lymphatic system and body defence - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan 

RADAR training prgogramme for Medical Officers - Dr.Mansoor Ali 
Books available in Mac Repertory

SLE - Homeopathic Therapeutics - Dr.C.S.Shuba Pradha

Essential Duas
Eid Mubarak - so beautiful

World's biggest hole of Russia 
Invitation to get together in many places
Awesome art
Republic day pared at China
Political Quiz - Kerala

A lesson from Ghees - Tommy Window
8 lies by mother - must read
Unbeleivable Photos 
Louder than words

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