Friday, July 2, 2010

Useful Medical & Homeopathic Websites & Resources

Similima team presents innovative and effective website links - a rare collection useful for students, teachers and professionals in medical profession
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General Medicine Websites
Homeopathy general information
Site developed by doctors
Homeopathic Associations
Homeopathic Medical Colleges & Schools
Undergraduate Homeopathic Medical Colleges in India
Postgraduate homeopathic colleges in India
Homeopathic pharmaceuticals
Homeopathic journals / Publishers
Homeopathic software
Homeopathic Research
Site on religion
Homeopathic Packaging materials
Homeopathic Provings
Stedman's Medical Dictionary
Medical Libraries on Net
Photograph of Homeopaths
Common Homeopathic Remedies
Online Homeopathy Consultation
Homeopathy Discussion forums
Free Medical Journals
Homeopathic books Online
Online Games
Medical Mnemonics
Organon of Medicine
Calculate your BMI
Rudy's Archaic Medical Terms

Homeopathy in India Links
Online News Papers :
Indian Homeopathic Associations
National & International Scholarships
Google Family
Emigration Details
Microsoft Tools for Teachers and Students
Latest Medical News

Government Websites
Website by Homeopathy Doctors
Virtual Photos
Plan your Holiday Trips
For downloading free and safe softwares
For testing your broadband speed
For your second marriage
For Converting Files

Please send your favourite medical website links ...the websites you often visit .....which you think will help other doctors also...many of our fellow doctors are unaware of such websites...
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Thought: 'When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.'

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