Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest Homeopathy News

New PG Homeopathy Courses in Kerala - AYUSH approval awaited
“Homoeopathy can prevent Japanese Encephalitis” - Reserach
Alternative medicine gaining ground in UAE
Oman Insurance to offer cover to homeopathy at Dubai Healthcare City
Dental Fillings, Earrings, Wristwatch and Jewelry May be the Hidden Cause Behind Chronic Pain and Muscle Weakness
Dr Parinaz Humeranwala's Expert System
HON is conducting a study on Internet use for health/medical purposes
Rajasthan to get world's first homoeopathy varsity
Microsoft Tools for Teachers and Students
Homoeopath held for 'raping' his 7-yr-old patient
Laser pointers 'pose danger to eyes'
Protest against the BMA attacks on homeopathy
A NOBEL discovered a firm scientific foundation for homeopathy.
Dana Ullman's newest article on "Energy Medicine"
BMA junior doctors demonstrate lack of knowledge
Supporters of homeopathy outraged at medical union's attacks
Homeopathy could cure swine flu, say experts
Dr James Le Fanu on homeopathy: wrong, but instructively so
Teenage Binge Drinking Might Have Long-Term Effects
Complete Dynamics 2.9 released
Two-thirds of medical research is wrong or fraudulent
WHO rushed to protect Big Pharma, not the public
The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children
Chemotherapy now killing the pharmacists who dispense it

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