Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Articles & Study materials

A study the efficacy of antimiasmatic medicines in the treatment of Urolithiasis
50 Millesimal Scale Potency - A critical study - Dr.N.Hari hara Iyer
Role of Constitution in Homeopathy -  Dr.Beenadas
Ground plan of Organon - Dr.Nihalkumar
Organon - aphorisms with foot notes (full)
A quick review of all the aphorisms of Organon of Medicine - Dr.Nihal Kumar
12 Foods of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon him)
How to read others gestures - Allan Pease
Constant attack on Homeopathy – What to do - Dr Uttam Singh
Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer- Dr.Beenadas
Gems of Homoeopathy - DKMM news letter feb.2010
How to get the truth out of anyone
How To Read Body Language
Masters of Body Language - Dr. Gabriel and Nili Raam
Is Homoeopathy a Witchcraft ?A Conspiracy with sinister design to malign Homoeopathy - Dr.A.K.Gupta
Adrenal gland and homoeopathy - Dr.Sheeba
Allen's Key notes of materia medica (full)
Homoeopathic Medicines for Eczema
Source of Homeopathy Materia Medica - Dr.Beenadas
Alzheimer's disease and Homeopathy
Anxiety and its Differential Diagnosis in Homeopathy- Dr.Samir A.Chaukkar
Coma and Confusional States
Established chronic kidney disease and homoeopathy - Dr.Nihal Kumar
Tonsillitis and Homeopathic Treatment- Dr.Beenadas
Ischemic Heart Disease and Homoeopathy -  Dr.Beenadas
Cholelithiasis and Homoeopathy -  Dr.Beenadas
Leishmaniais and Homoeopathy - Dr. Nihal Kumar
Acute gastroenteritis - Homeopathic perspectives - Dr. Mansoor Ali .K.R 
Plague and Homeopathy - Dr.Nihal Kumar
Taeniasis & Homeopathy - Dr. Nihal Kumar
The management of tremor - bmj
NIH Kolkatta - Hand Book of MD (Homeopathy) 2010 - 2013
The Word Brain - A Short Guide to Fast Language Learning
Umbelliferae family of Homeopathic Medicines - Dr.Beenadas
A Study on Fungi Group Homeopathic Remedies -  Dr.Beenadas
Homeopathic Remedies from Mineral Springs - Dr.Beenadas
Homeopathic Remedies from Insects - Dr.Beenadas
Milk Remedies used in Homeopathy - the Lacs - Dr.Beenadas
A Cyclopedia of drug pathogenesy - Book review- Dr.Beenadas
Antioxidants in the treatment & prevention of oral cancer - Journal review - Dr.Beenadas
British Medical Journal - BMJ - Journal review -  Dr.Beenadas
Myositis Ossificans and Homoeopathy - Dr.Beenadas
Sialadenitis and Homoeopathy - Dr.Beenadas
Pneumonia and Homoeopathy - Dr.Beenadas
Myocardial Infarction and Homoeopathy - Dr.Beenadas
Homoeopathic approach in CVA - Dr.Beenadas
Tuberculosis - Dr.Beenadas
Bronchiectais-  Dr.Beenadas

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