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319 New Medical & Homeopathic PowerPoint Presentations

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You can use these slides as such without any modification. Please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author's name. Compare your own slides before you are going to present a seminar with the slides given here.

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Topics : Medicine,Homeopathy, Research, Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon of Medicine, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Case Presentations, AIDS/HIV, Leisure, Inspirational, Religion ,psychiatry, psychology or anything related to medicine and homeopathy.
Effective PowerPoints
Guidlines for professional medical powerpoint prsentations

Practice of Medicine
191 Autologous Transfusion & Blood sparing strategies - Dr.P.V.Sulochana
192Introduction to Medical Parasitology & Entomology and Luminal Protozoa - Prof. Dr. HJ. Wan Omar Abdullah
193Anaesthesia for faciomaxillary trauma - Dr.Thomas P George
194Antioxidants in our life
195 Nervous System - Dr.Noland
196Approach to a patient with neurological disorders
197 Approach to a patient with coma
198 Approach to peropheral neuropathy - Dr.Shripal Vijayan
199 Ascitis - Dr.Faizal
200 Approach to ascitis - Dr.Faizal.U
201Aspirin - Merits & de merits
202 Single gene disorders - Dr.Sophy R Das
203 Ther Basal Ganglia - Dr. Faizal.U
204 Basal ganglia
205Basal ganglia and Homoeopathy - Dr.Aruna Parvathy
206Bechet's disease - Dr.Dinesh.R.S
207Lung sounds - Dr.Faizal.U
208Bronchial asthma and homeopathy - Dr.Smitha K Mohan
209Management of malignancies - homoeopathic approach
210Cardiac failure - newr modalities in treatment - Dr.Noufira.P
212Coma approach to clinical diagnosis
213NSAIDs -II - Dr.Noufira.P
214Differential diagnosis of anterior uvetis - Dr.Sujeesh.S.S
215Examination of Lumbar Spine - Maheshkumar.M.S
216 Haemerrhoids - Dr.Muralikrishnan.K.S
217Pneumonia - Dr.Dinesh.R.S
218Hazards of blood transfusion, its investigation and management - Dr.M.S.Suma

219Haematuria - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
220Haemophilia - Dr.Faizal.U
222Hypersensitivity reactions
223Type 3 hypersensitivity reactions
224Hypersensitivity reactions
226Transplant rejection
227Investigation in orthopedics - Dr.Mahesh Kumar
228Soft tissue cover in knee and upper third leg defects - Dr.S.Jayachandran
229Kinetics of elimination - Dr.Noufira.P
230Low Backache - Dr.S.Mahesh Kumar
231Swine Flu
232Marked blood transfusion - Dr.Susheela J Innah
235Management of neck pain - Dr.S.Mahesh Kumar
236Glomerulonephritis and homeopathy - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
237Non steriodal anti inflamatory drugs - Dr.Noufira
238 Opthalmology and homeopathy - Dr.Sujeesh.S.S
239Are we over regulating PAHs - Dr.James S Smith
240 Diagnosis and management of parathyroid disease - Dr.Nino Zaya
241Polycythemia - Dr.Fiazal.U
242Fat solouble vitamins - Dr.Bharat Praveen
243All about prostate and homeopathy - Dr.Sushil.A.Jain
244Protozoan diseases
245Psoriasis - Dr.Arunkrishnan.T.P
246Psoriasis - Dr.Samir Chaukkar
247Rheumatoid arthritis and homoeopathy - Dr.Padma Suganya.N
248Renal calculi and homoeopathy - Dr.Abhirah.S
249Renal functions - basic data for students and residents
250Rhinosporidosis, actinomycosis and fatty liver
251Siezures - Dr.Shriphal Vijayan
252Sjogerns syndrome
253Autoimmune diseases
254Softer steriods - Dr.Noufira.P
255Acute appendicites
256Thoracic outlet syndrome - Dr.Praveena.A
257Toxoplasma Gondi
258Toxoplasmosis Protozoan Parasite
259Toxoplasmosis - A risk in pregnancy
260Treatment of Glaucoma - Dr.Noufira
261Tremor - Gayatri.R
262Tumor Markers - Dr.V.P.Gangadaran
263Universal Precautions - Dr.Uttam Singh
264Renal failure and Prostate - Dr.Venmani
265 Water solouble vitamins - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
266West Nile Fever -IHMA
267Yellow fever - IHMA

58ADHD - Evaluation and treatment - Dr.Edward J Coll

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
88The funeral of an unfertilised ovum - Dr.Divya Sanal
89PCOD treatment, analysis and case study - Dr.Shabna
90Polycystic ovarian syndrome - threatend feminity

82Analysis and evaluation - Dr.A.Kannan
83 Analysis and evaluation of symptoms in homeopathy
84Aphorisms in Organon of Medicine
85Constitution - homeopathic approach
86Constitution - homeopathic heritage - Dr.Anisha.P.G
87Evaluation of symptom - Dr.Thanka.R
88Dr.samuel Hahnemann
89History of medicine - Dr.Shmana.B.N
90Homeopathy - a rational experiance
91Miasm of psoriasis
92Miasm of psoriasis - Dr.Jyothish Kumar
93Homeopathic Prophylactic posoology - Dr.Vinu Krishnan

Community Medicine
29Aims and objectives of feedback study - Dr.Sheela.A.S
30Conceptual image of the genus epidemicus - Dr.Joby Johny
31Epidemiology of prevaling epidemics - Dr.Sheela.A.S
32Feedback study - its imperativness - Dr.B.S.Rajashekaran
33Feedback study - Dr.Joby.J
34Feedback - integrated disease survillance project

18 Orbital and nasoethmoid ractures - Dr.Subrahmanya Iyer
19Reconstruction of defects of Middle Third of leg & Compartment Syndrome - Dr.U.R.Nandakumar
20Management of Fractures of Midface, Mandible & Zygoma- Concepts and Techniques - Dr.George Varghese
21Soft tissue injuries of the face - Prof.s.Jagadeesh
22Soft tissue coverage in lower third leg and foot defects - Dr.Ravindra Bharathi

Homeopathy general
208Infrastructure status,regulation & quality control of Indian Medicine - Dr.S.K.Sharma
209 Five finger management of homoeopathic profession - Dr.S.G.Biju
210Life Cycle of butterfly
211Disease, person, patient = individulaisation - Dr.S.G.Biju
212Dr.Hahnemann's contribution to therpaeutic principle - Dr.Muralidharan.K.S
213Homeopathic approach towards vaccinayion - Dr.Anisha.P.J
214Propagation and opportunities in homeopathy in Kerala in next 15 years - Dr.Abdul Lethif
215Vision homoeopathy 2020 at Kerala - a project
216Immunisation in the real sense - homeopathic heritage - Dr.Mridula Gopinathan
217Rapid action epidemic cell homeopathy - Govt. of Kerala
218Treating cancer with homoeopathy
219Pallitaive care and homoeopathy
220Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy - Kerala
221Right to information act - Obligations & Responsibilities
222Saftey measures in homeopathy - Wayane B Jona
223 Esay way to genetic constitutional remedy - Dr.S.G.Biju
224Scientificity of homeopathy
225Angels of prescription to prove the scientificity of homeopathy - Dr.S.G.Biju
226Hahnemannian case management based on Luc De Schepper’s ‘Achieving and maintaining the similimum -Marc Van Wijk

115Thirteen phrases for living
116A tribute to Mahatma Ghandi
117Electronic voting machine - Election Commission of India
118Whatever happens today is under control of God
119Guinness book of records - Engineering
120India is my country
121Remember the 5 simple rules to be happy
122Good Karma & Mantra
123A dozen useful information
124Do you know this facts?
125Few principles of life
126Hitler Jewish Comparison
127Ice Creams
128Mathematics of life
129Mind blowing company
130My favorite philosophy
131 Rare photos of Indira Ghandi
132Really inspiring - Chetan Bagath
133Shopping carts - be careful
134Technopark -Kerala
135The great India
136The truth in lIfe

164How many legs this elephant have?
165From the sky - beautiful
166 I went to God's clinic
167Fantastic New Year Greetings
168The spectacular red planet
169Did you remember these days?
170How the world eats
171 Iceland volcano
172Intelligent students
173It is the time to sleep
174 Beautifull rainy season in Kerala
175The mother in law
176Now we can have food
177This is not my problem
178Oil price and arabs
179Photoshop at its best
180Airbus of president of UAE
181See and Smile
182Shh...they are sleeping
183New Sony camera
184Starngest and most beautiful streets
185Fantastic tennis court at Dubai
186Beautiful Mumbai
187The magic cat eye
188Work is interesting at IT
189Find out your personality

Case Presentations
69A case of cushing's disease managed with homoeopathy
70 A case of allergic rhinitis - Dr.S.A.Bohra
71 A case of bronchial asthma with pulmonary collapse - Dr.Deepa.A.S
72 A case of bronchial asthma - Dr.Smitha.K.Mohan
73 Lobar pneumonia manged with homoeopathy - Dr.Mridula Gopinathan
74A rare case of bleeding - Dr.Shriphal Vijayan
75APD and Homoeopathy - Dr.Sophy R Das
76A case of cancer esophagud
77A case of filariasis - Dr.Dinesh.R.S
78 A case of nephrotic syndrome
79A case of urticaria
80Tubercular arthritis and homoeopathy - Dr.Asha.R
81 A case of depressive psychosis
82A case of dysphagia
83A case of severe dyspnoea treated with homeopathic medicine
84Evaluation of a case of epiphora - Dr.Sujith.S.S
85A case of pneumonia - Dr.Mridula.R
86A case hepatocellular carcinoma - Dr.Sreereka.S
87 An interesting case presentations - Dr.Sebastian Varghese
88Hyperthyroidism manged by homoeopathy
89Secondary infertility and homoeopathy - Dr.Renjini
90A case of rhinosporidosis
91A case of renal failure - Dr.S.sajeev
92A case of rhinosporidosis
93Cervical spine injury and homeopathy
94Chronic sinusitis and homeopathy - Dr.Jyothisai
95Vericose ulcer and homoeopathy

120Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

52 Air Sinuses - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan
53 Anatomy of the face - Prof.Padmakumar
54 Brain -applied anatomy
56Diaphram and its appedages
57Neck-applied anatomy - Dr.Sajan
58Female Gonad - Ovary applied anatomy - Dr.Soumya.U.S
59Applied anatomy of respiratory system - Dr.Adeline Jerald Paul.J
60Small intestine - applied anatomy - Dr.Venmoni
61Testes - the male gonad -applied anatomy - Dr.Soumya.U.S
62Thyroid - Applied Anatomy

Homeopathic education
57Objectives of Homeopathic education - Dr.Saveesh Kumar
58Opporunities for homeopathic graduates - Dr.Manshanda
59TRG taining programme RAECH

Book Reviews
13An index og aggravation and amielioration - Dr.Sreekala.M
14Homeopathy science or myth - Dr.R.Rejikumar

16The Kidneys
17Cell biophysics and bio chemistry
18Central nervous system
19Cerebellum and its connection
20Cerebrospinal fluid - Aruna Parvathy
21Importance of haemoglobin - Dr.S.P.Sinhasan
22Erythrocytes applied physiology - Dr.Soumay.U.S
23The parathyroid gland and calcium balance - Felix E Grissom
24Ventricular system of brain - Dr.Sharika.K.U

19Role of drug proving in the homeopathic concept - Dr.Anand.R

111Pathology - Recommended books for BHMS
112Urinary Bladder -applied pathology
113apropriate use of blood and blood components - Dr.K.R.Anandan
114Blood smear examination in day to day practice
115Cell injury and aging - Dr.G.Sreenivaslu
116Circulatory disorders
117Differential staining in peripheral smear
118Glomerulonephritis - Dr.Aruna Parvathy
119Granulation tissue and necrosis
120Applied aspect of lymphoma
121Pathology of tuberculosis - Dr.Venkatesh
122Leprosy slides
123Benign tumors
124Charecters of malignant tumors
125Pathology of Lung
126Pathology of Liver
127Carcinoma stoach, carcinoma stomach, pleomorphic adenoma
128Pathology of endometrium
129Thyroid grave's disease and papillary Ca
130Bone tumors
133Chronic venous congestion of Liver Lung & Spleen
135Cytogenic disorders involving sex chromosomes
136Breast fibroadenoma, carcinoma, testes seminoma

97 Remote administration of dynamic homeopathic medicine - Dr.M.K.Sahanil
98Are the clinical effect of homeopathy placebo effects - A.Shang, M.Egger, P.Juni
99Scientificity of homeopathy - Dr.R.Reji Kumar
100Scientificity of homoeopathy - Dr.B.S.Rajashekaran
101Research methodology in homeopathy - Dr.S.Gopinadhan
102Application of research methodology
103Sampling in research - Dr.Noufira.P
104Sampling in homeopathy - Dr.Sheela.A.S


54 Taking the case - Dr.C.M.Boder's view

55Epidemic case taking - Dr.B.Parthasarathy
56Hahnemannian method of case taking - Dr.Sreekala.R
57Abdomen chapter in Murphy's repertory - Dr.Sreekala.R
58Aphorisms realted to case taking
59Casetaking in homeopathy - Dr.Kent's directions
60Miasmatic repertorisation - Dr.Sangeetha Balakrishnan
61Interpretation of mind rubrics - 1
62Interpretation of mind rubrics - II
63Basic concept of psychiatry thro mind rubrics - Dr.Divya sanal
64Introduction to Synthesis. 9 - Frederik Schroyens
65Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 - Frederik Schroyens
66Essential Synthesis - Frederik Schroyens

Materia Medica
128Utility of bowel nosodes in homeopathy - Dr.Praveenkumar.S
129Crotalus Horridus
130Phylum coniferophyta
131Spider remedies in Homoeopathy - Dr.Sreekala.M
132Magnesium group of homeopathic remedies - Dr.Krishnendu maity
133Bungarus Fasciatus
134Nebulisers in homoeopathy
135The ophidia group of homeopathic remedies - a beautiful presentation - Dr.Arun
136Arachnida group of homeopathic remedies - Dr.G.Ramadevi
137 Croton tiglium - Dr.Uma.V
138Causticum in homeopathy
139Rananculacea family of remedies in homeopathy - Dr.Preethi.A John
140The sands of life silicia through the ages - Dr.Femina

18Cardiac CT
19How to read chest x-rays - M C Alraise
20How to read musculoskeltal x-rays - Dr.Mahesh Kumar.M.S
21Common imaging modalities in diagnosis - Dr.Saveesh Kumar
22Radiological anatomy and imaging - Skull base
23The plain abdominal radiograph - Interpretation

9Allergic rhinitis and homoeopathy - Dr.Dinsha Murali
10Therapeutoics of LBA
11Management of disease with homeopathic mother tincture - Dr.K.P.Sudhakaran Nair
12Homeopathic therapeutics of cardiac diseases - Dr.Dinesh.R.S
13Therapeutics of diabetes mellitus
14Ulcer and homoeopathic therapeutics - Dr.Rema Devi
15Homeopathic therapeutics of warts - Dr.Uma.V

51Prayer under water
52Firoun's dead body
53Khaleefa Umar
54Nail cutting Sunnah
55The Holy Prophet said
56General knowledge on Holy Quran
57Rare pictures of holy places
58Zakat - A real story

29Psychology basics
30Psychosocial problems faced by palliative care patients - Dr.Uhus G Menon

22Electrocardiography - Dr.Rejikumar.R

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