Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Latest News
A National platform for Post Graduate Homoeopaths India 
CCH reconstituted the committees
Do Busy Hospitals Mean Better Care for Medical Patients?
The Evidence Check at UK is dead
Women Whose Mothers Had Hyperemesis Are Three Times as Likely to Experience It Themselves
Is Medical Advice on the Internet Reliable?
Homeopathy World Community Members Star on BlogTalkRadio
New homeopathy video on YouTube
Homeopathy Practitioners and Supporters,
Associations for the postgraduate homeopathic teachers of Kerala
New ISIS Vision available for download May 2010
Working overtime increases heart risk, a study finds
Talking to Mom by Phone May Relieve a Daughter's Stress
Psychiatric Drugs Cause Rapid Weight Gain in Kids
Influenza vaccine sends children into convulsions
Eating nuts can lower cholesterol, say experts
Nuts may block cholesterol absorption, experts say
Dead doctors still making millions from Medicare billings
AYUSH jobs: Wait for applicants continues
Long-term harm' of too much TV for toddlers
Can too much TV lead to unhealthy habits?
Homeopathy Effective in Treating Neo-natal Pigs with Diarrhoea.
Homeopathy and breast cancer
David Mundy 10th/11th April 2010
Homeopathic Medicine Can Coexist With Conventional Cancer Treatment
10 April 2010 World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2010 Kicks Off
High Potency Homeopathic Medicines Affect Cancer Cells
RADAR new version 10.5.003 released
RADAR-KENBO released
Vaccine free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy
Four New PG courses in Kerala soon

Latest Articles
What is the mission of Homeopath ?
Dangers of mobile phone
Relevance of homeopathy in modern times
Hyperemesis Gravidarum- Dr Jenita.R.Fernandes
Indian Homoeopathic Premier League - Dr.Aadil Chimthanawala
Confusion - Please answer it
Kerala Service Rule - Maternity leave to female officers on promotion
Minimum tenure policy for transfer of Govt. employees in Kerala
Minimum tenure policy for transfer of Interacts married Govt. employees in Kerala
Seminar on depressive disorders and homeopathy at Andhrapradesh
Mnemonics for medical students
Top 100 Secrets of Neonates
What is new in Radar 10.05.03
Homeopathy Repertory Simplified - Dr. Prasad Rasal
Understanding the Rubric : Abandoned - Dr. Sushil Devkota
Comparison of rubrics in Kent, TPB & BBCR
Project to Sensitise Future Practitioners of Homeopathy – Internship training - Dr.Munir Ahammed
Butterflies- An innovative guide to the use of butterfly remedies in homoeopathy -PATRICIA LE ROUX
Body language and homoeopathy - Dr. D. E. Mistry
A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child Centric Case-Witnessing - Dinesh Chauhan  
Homeopathy for sexual disorders infertility - Nikunj Trivedi
Suitability of Homoeopathic Graduates in Public Health Workforce of India: An Exploratory Study- Dr. Neha Chanana
Dialectical Homoeopathy - A Re-Reading in Homoeopathy - K. C Chandran Nambiar
Homoeopathy in Haemophilia - A project Work - Dr. Tapas K. Kundu
Quality control and standardization of Homeopathic medicine - Dr.Pranav shah
Theory and definition of biochemic system of medicine - Dr. Nihal Kumar

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