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400 New Medical & Homeopathic Power Points added today

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Homeopathic Education 
Micro teaching in Medical profession - Dr.S.Sankar 
Lecturer & lesson planning - Dr.S.Sankar  
Significance of pre clinical subjects in Homoeopathy - Prof.S.M.Singh     
Teaching Learning methods in Homeopathy  
Effecftive bed side teaching - Dr.Jayaprakash.R    
(mm)Importance of para clinical subjects in teaching homeopathic materia medica - Dr.Zoya Joao  
Chalk board in homeopathy teaching - Dr.S.Sankar  
Effective Homeopathy lecture - Dr.S.Sankar  
Ethics in medical education - Dr.Sreekumari  
Mechanics of question paper setting - Dr.S.Sankar  
Principles of evaluation - Dr.S.Sankar   
Professional developement & soft skills - Prof-Sharad Patil   e 
Problem based short essay questions- Dr.S.sankar    
Short answer questions - Dr.S.Sankar   
Objective type questions - Dr.S.Sankar   
How to teach recording of symptoms in case format - Prof.B.P.Panda   
Clinical bed side learning     
Computer assisted learning in Homeopathy - Dr.Bipin jain  
Curriculam planning in homoeopathy - Dr Usha Uchat    
Teaching pedagogi & curriculum - Dr M S Alam    
Educational objectives in homoeopathy -  Dr Arvind Kothe   
Overview of hospital managment - Dr S Ghosh    
Integrated learning in Homoeopathy - Dr.S K Battacharyya     
Educational planning & management - Prof L M Khan   
Projects and assignments - Dr.Sankar   
Educational Planning & Management/ Integral Learning -   
Role of Medical Educator - Prof. Niranjan Mohanty  
Skill in teaching - Dr Lokanath Mehra    
Systemic medical education - Prof. S.Praveen Kumar      
Taxonomy of homeopathic education - Prof.Abhijit Chattopadhyay  
Qualities of a measuring instrument-selection of appropriate tools of evaluation in teaching- Dr.S Sankar  
Teaching learning principles - Dr Udayan Chatterjee   
How to study materia medica - Dr. Winston Vargheese  
How to teach & learn materia medica - Dr Ravi M Nair   
Clinical bedside laerning - Dr.S .Prabhu-  
Computer assisted learning - Dr.Bipin Jain  
Curriculum Planning - Dr.Usha Uchat 
Educational Objectives in Homoeopathy - Dr.Aravid Kothe   
 Educational Planning & Management / Integral Learning -Dr.S.Z Khan 
TEACHING – Learning Process by Simulated Patient Management Problems - Prof.Dr.L.M.Khan 
Skill learning- teaching aids and media - Dr.C.Nayak   

Homeopathy Software
Complete Dynamics - Dr. Mansoor Ali    
Computer repertory - Dr.Aparna S Pareek  
Similimum Ultra - Dr Mansoor Ali    
SOFTWARE PACKAGES - for a better Homeopathic prescription - Dr Mansoor Ali  
Hompath Expert Systems & products - Dr Mansoor Ali   
Stimulare - Homoeopathic Software - Dr Mansoor Ali 

Materia Medica
Importance of Clinical subjects in teaching materia medica - Dr. Navin S Pawaskar 
Need of materia medica - Dr.Arvind Kothe 
Evolution of materia medica - Dr. Bipin Jain  
Importance of psychology in teaching materia medica - Dr.Dhaval Mody 
Importance of psychology in teaching materia medica - Dr.Dhaval Mody  
Role of Homoeopathic Materia Medica in Orthopaedics - MLD Institute  
Different types of materia medica - Dr.Leena R Naik     
Importance of para clinical subjects in teaching homeopathic materia medica - Dr.Zoya Joao  
Relationship of materia medica with Organon - Dr.Srinath Rao   
Sources of Homeopathic materia medica - Dr.Susheel S Neogi   
Comparative study of Phosphorous - Dr.Susheel Neogi   
Correlation of Homeopathic Materia medica & Repertory - Dr.Nitila Desai   
Understanding the reflection of miasmatic atribute of drugs in Allen's Key notes - Dr.Partha P Ray  
Cyclamen - Dr Praveen Kumar rai   
Magnesium group - Dr Praveen Kumar Rai   
Scope of homeopathic materia medica    
Sources and evolution of homeopathic materia medica - Prof Ravi M Nair   
How to teach & learn materia medica - Dr Ravi M Nair   
The aurum group - Dr.Arun K Krishna 
Lycopidium - Dr.Arun K Krishnan  
Methods of teaching polychrest medicines - Dr.S.K Bhattacharyya  

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Classification by American Fertility Society - Adia K Hamza  
Clinical features in Gynaecology - Afisa Rahman  
Therapeutics of Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy - Athira.A.R    
Vulvar infections - Bettina s Pratap  
Breast feeding - an over view - Dr.T.D.Hemachandran  
Efficacy of homeopathy in pregnancy care - Dr.B.Venu   
Healthy mother and happy child programme (malayalam) - Dr.Janardhan    
Common gynaecological disorders - Dr Kakoli Basu   
Complaints during post natal period & scope of homeopathy - Dr Roy Zachariah  
Reproductive growth in females - Dr P Thankamma   
Endometriosis - Sadam nava, Adiya etc    
Management of endometriosis - Akhila G S     
Polycystic ovarian disease and homeopathy - Dr. Preethi A John  
Postnatal care & complications during post natal period - Dr Sarita Umadi   
Endometriosis - diagnosis & differential diagnosis - Ajeesha Vasudevan     
Metrorrhagia & homeopathy - Rina C P   
Uterine fibroids - Jomon, Lubna, Roshini & Arifa    

Practice of Medicine
Bronchial asthma - Dr.Asha V Sasi    
Dermatitis and Homoeopathy - Dr Divya Sanal   
Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. Sreeraj. R    
Allergic disorders & scope of homeopathy - Dr Hitarath Mehta   
Haemorrhoids and Homeopathy - Dr Arun Krishnan   
Renal calculi - Hareesh Krishnan  
Heart failure - Dr.Preethi A John  
Infective endocarditis - Dr Preethi John    
Jaundice and Homoeopathy - Dr.Deepesh   
Jaundice - Clinical presentation - Dr.Soumya   
Pneumoconiosis - Dr.Asha V Sasi     
Pneumonia & homoeopathy - Dr.Rekha S   
Pneumonia & homoeopathy - Dr.Rekha S   
Psoriasis & Homoeopathy - Dr Saurabhkumar    
Dialysis & renal transplantation - Rina.C.P   
Typhoid Mary - Dr.Bharat Praveen   
Vitamin D & deficiency diseases - Dr.Akhila G S  
Vitamin D deficiency in India - A marker of malnutrition - Prof.P.K.Sasidharan   
SLE Hematological manifestation, role of diet & life style - Dr Bindiya  
Many faces of Disseminated Intra Vascular Coagulation - Dr kanjaksha Ghosh   
H1N1 influenza - lesson learned from Calicut - Dr Geetha P   
Blood Cell counters - Interpretation of results - Dr Feroze M   
In hospital hyperglycemia management - Dr Chandni R  
Thrombocytopenia - Dr Hitha B   
Epilepsy in the era of new antiepiletics - Dr james Jose   
TIA Risk stratification & management - Dr jayesh Kumar P   
Internal Medcine update 2011 @ Calicut photos  
Severe sepsis - early goal directed therapy - Dr Neeraj Manikath   
Oncological emergencies - Dr Mohammed Shaan  
Non alcoholic liver disease - Dr C G Kamalasanan  
K+ homeostais clinical complications - Dr M Sreelatha   
Approach to dizziness - Dr Sreejith R  
Systamic inflamatory response syndrome - Dr R N Sharma  
Smoking Cessation - Dr Shajit Sadanad  
CPC - Dr P K Sasidharan   
SLE - disease activity, damage, disability assesment & out come - Dr Sandeep K   
Hypertensive emergencies - Dr K G Sajeeth Kumar  pm-hypertension 
Pits and Pitfalls in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome - Dr K V Sahasranam   
How to manage COPD effectively - Dr C Ravindran  
Clinical manifestations, prognostic factors & out come of hemotoxic envenomation - Dr Venu P G  
Typhus - Dr Udayabhaskaran V   
Psychiatric manifestation of systemic diseases - Dr N K Thulasidharan   
History of Cancer - through Civilisations - Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Da r 
Homoeopathy & cancer - Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar 
Immune System & Homoeopathy  
Jaundice - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas 
Role of lab investigations in diagnosis - Dr.A.K.Choudry 
Life Style Diseases - Dr. Sr Temy Thomas 
Neoplasm - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas  
Important terms in Oncology - Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Das  
Serum tumor markers - Dr.sanjoy Kumar Tas  

ECG - the basics - Dr.Divya V K P  

Homeopathy General 
Dr. Adolp Lippe  
Dr. Samuel hahnemann and his works 
Dr.Henry C Allen  
Dr.Cyrus Maxwell Boger   
Dr. Alfred Pulford   
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Integration of Different Systems of Medicine - Dr. Dinesh R S  
Introduction to homeopathic palliative care - Dr Dinesh R S   
Drug proving - the investigation - Dr Divya Sanal    
National campign on Homeopathy (Malayalam)  
Alopecia and homeopathy - Dr Shivaji Gaur  
Uniqueness of Homoeopathy - Dr.B.P.Panda    
The other song - Dr Rajan Sankaran   
Display this slide in your clinic (malayalam)  

Case Presentations
A case of second degree burns - Dr.Navin Pawaskar 
A case of tonsillitis - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
A case of CSOM - Dr. Arpana S Pareek 
A case of diabetes mellitus - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
A case of nasal polyp - Dr.Arpara S Pareek 
A rare case of tuberculoma - Dr Jyotish R Nair 
A rare case of Headache - Dr Aquil kalanad 
A case of recurrent hemoptysis - Dr Faizal U 
A fatal bleed - Dr Shanu P M  

Book Reviews
Key notes of materia medica 
Authors of materia medica 
Master key to homeopathic materia medica by K.C.Bhanja - 
Boger Boenninghausen's repertory - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
Berridge's eye - Dr.Preethi A John 
Borland's pneumonia - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
Synoptic Key to materia medica by Boger - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book - Dr.Aparna S Pareek 
Berridg's complete repertory to eye - Dr.Aparna S Pareek  
Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines by Pathak - Dr. Arpana S Pareek 
The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea - Dr.Arpana S Pareek 
Journal NJH - Tubercular diathesis - Dr Ambreesh Pandey 
Kent's repertory of Homeopathic materia medica - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Kent's repertory of Homeopathic materia medica -Part.2 - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek
Therapeutics of fever  
The Therapeutics Of Intermittent Fever - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Therapeutics of fever by HC Allen - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas 
Bell's diarrhoea - Dr. Dr Temy Thomas 
Echoes of the Puritans- Gentry's Concordance Repertory - Dr.Ami Kumar Agarwal  
Gentry's Concordances - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas    
Knerr Repertory - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas  
Boerick materia medica & repertory - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas   
Synthesis repertory - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas   

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Homeopathy in poisoning and toxicology   
Utility of toxicology in evolution of portrait of a remedy - Dr.Anjali Chodnekar 
Ethics in medical education - Dr.Sreekumari 
Autopsy of bodies with radio active materials - Dr.Mohammed Khaleem Khan 
Ethics for medical educators : fallacies & obligations - Dr.D.Basu 
Legitimacy - Dr.Kaleem Khan

Organon of Medicine
Relationship of materia medica with Organon - Dr.Srinath Rao 
Ancient Egyptian medicine- Dr.Amit Srivastava 
Evaluation of symptoms - Dr Saurabh Kumar  
Hahnemann's organon of medicine in modern time - Dr.Bhushan S Rajguru  

Case taking & Repertorisation 
Correlation of Homeopathic Materia medica & Repertory - Dr.Nitila Desai 
Card repertory - Dr.Arpana S Pareek  
An Overview on Card Repertory with special emphasis to Kishore’s Card - Prof.Krishnendu Maity  
Case processing - Dr.Arpaana S Pareek  
Case taking - Aphorism 83-104 - Dr.Arpana S Pareek  
Complete repertory - Dr. Aisha J Hassan 
How to teach repertory - Dr.S.K.Tiwari  
A concise idea about repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Method of working out a case with Kent’s Repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek  
Interpretation of Mind Rubrics in Repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Prescribing Symptoms - Dr Aparna S Pareek 
Puritan repertories - Dr Arpana S Pareek  
Question Paper Pattern - MUHS Nasik -Repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek  
Distribution of the topics as per guidelines from CCH syllabus (Repertory) - Dr Arpana S Pareek  
Symptomatology - Dr Arpana S Pareek 
Terminologies in Boerick's repertory - Dr.Aisha J Hassan  
Different terms used in the Repertory - Dr Arpana S Pareek  
Case taking in Homoeopathy - $ 83-104 - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas 
Case taking by Elizabeth Wright - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas 
Utility of repertory in pediatrics - Dr.T.Austin Jose 

Medical/Homeopathic  Research
Research design in Homeopathy - Dr.Prashant Tamboli 
Bio statistics for homoeopaths 
Case control studies 
Role of cohort study in research - Dr.Indu.D 
Descriptive study - Dr Anuja U 
Dispersion in  research
Research possibilities in adeno tonsillar disease - Dr Dinesh R S 
Homeopathy Potentization [Dynamisation] vs e-Biology - Drs. M.V.Ramanamurthy 
Statistical inference - Anish T S 
Measures of Location (Central Tendency) 
Probability in statistics 
Research question - Dr Anuja U 
Randomized controlled trial - Dr.Asha 
Research & development in Homoeopathy - Dr.Amar Sheth 
Application of Basic Research Methods In Homoeopathy - Prof.Chaturbhuja Nayak 
Research protocol - Dr.Anuja .U 
Sampling in medical research 
Statistical Inference 
Study Designs - Dr Anuja U
Test of significance
Writing of report - Dr Indu 
Research methods - Dr.C.Nayak 

A butterfly's lesson 
About money - Chinese method 
Lest We Forget 
How Nuclear Energy Works
Against Media terrorism 

Microbiology & Parasitology
Cestodes - Dr.Sharika K U 
Trichomoniasis & Candidiasis - Hareesh Krishnan 
Streptococcal infection - Dr Preethi A John

Gall stones - Adiya-K-Hamza 
Carcinoma Cervix - Shabna & Anchu Mariam Charly 
Congenital anomalies of Kidney & Ureter - Asmabi.K.P 
Renal neoplasm - Faseela.P 
Lymphogranuloma venerum - Faseela.P 
Renal tuberculosis - Hafsa Muhammed 
Syphillis & transmission - Hafsa Muhammed 
Gonorrhea - Hanan Sideequa.P 
Condyloma accuminata - Kavitha M S 
Retroversion and homoeopathy 
Tuberculosis of the female genital tract - Mohd.Thasneem,Nahrin & Jusna 
Atherosclerosis - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas- atherosclerosis
Cirrhosis of Liver - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas -cirrhosis
Hepatitis - Dr.Sr Temy Thomas -hepatitis 

Homeopathic Therapeutics
Therapeutics in renal disorders- Hanan Siddeequa.P 
Therapeutics in Gynaecology - Lamees T T 
Therapeutics of gonorrhoea - Meghana Sekhar 
Therapeutics of syphilis - Musthabshira T 
Therapeutics for Renal Calculi - Dr Praveen Kumar Rai 

Aids and microbiology 
Anit-retroviral therapy Calicut experience - Dr Sona N 

Anatomy of Kidney - Arathy.C.P 
Cranial fossa and meninges - Dr Shalini G Unnithan 
Cranium - Dr Shalini G Unnithan 
Stomach applied anatomy - Dr Bharat Praveen. S 

Neoplasm of Kidney - Bettina S Pratap 
Hydronephrosis - Aswathi K Sasi 
Pathology & pathogenesis of peptic ulcer - Ajeesha Vasudevan 
Acute surgical infections of kidney - Smitha Mohan 
Treatment of peptic ulcer - Anju Mohan 

Mastoiditis - Dr.Pramod 
Neoplasm of salivary gland - Dr Victor Mashamba 

Physiology & Biochemistry 
Carbohydrate Metabolism - Dr.Shalini G Unnithan 

Effective new born care - must read - Dr.C.Sureshkumar 
Effective management of learning disorders in children (malayalam) - Dr. Leena Jasmin 
Neonatal seizures - Dr Laxman S Sirur 
Functional constipation in child - Dr T D Hemachandran  
Paediatric clinical cases Dr. Shaeli Mishra  

Homeopathic Pharmacy
The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) - Dr Ram Jyothis  
Commentators in 20th centrury    
Introduction to psychology _ Dr.Sr Temy Thomas 

Community medicine
Relationship between Community medicine and Hanemannian concept of health - Dr Praveen Raj P  

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