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Govt. of India Criticized Central Council of Homoeopathy on Standard of Homoeopathy Colleges

Govt. of India (AYUSH) given strict direction to Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) to implement Minimum Standard of  Education with immediate effect. 

Govt. of India  received many complaints and found that many medical colleges are not fulfilling the minimum  standards, norms of CCH with regard to availability of infrastructure, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Department of AYUH Govt. India in their report (F.No.R-13040/10/2011 -HD (Tech) dt. March 2011 expressed their concerns as  "The Central Government has also received complaints, in this scenario gives apprehension that there may be possibility of growth of substandard  education. Similarly, the existence of such substandard colleges may create a possibility of  adopting malpractices and unfair practices by the is necessary to adopt urgent measures to regularly monitor the Homoeopathy Medical Colleges. 

Govt. of India had given the flowing guidlines with cut of date
(with immediate effect CCH may carry out the following)

To carry out the inspection/ visitation of all Homoeopathy Medical Colleges  minimum once in a year during January to March of each calendar year to ascertain the  availability of teachers, equipment, accommodation, training and other facilities as specified in Homoeopathy (MSE) Regulations, 1983 and submit their report and  recommendation to the Central Government by the end of April every calendar year.

The Council should carry out inspection of those 11(eleven) colleges  which have been granted permission by the Department under provision of  Section 12(A) of HCC Act, 2002, from 2004-05 onwards (list enclosed at Annexure- 2) and the 72 colleges which were granted permission by the Department?s order  No R.11011/03/2003-EP (Pt.) dated 13th September, 2004 

The visitation/ inspection reports along with CCH recommendations  pertaining to the above said 83 colleges on the availability of having requirements  as specified in provisions of Homoeopathy (MSE) Regulations, 1983, should be made available to the Central Government by 31.05.2011

CCH is also requested to strictly monitor the compliance of Homoeopathy  (Minimum Standard of Education) Regulations, 1983 before sending any  recommendations to the Central Government in respect of either inclusion of degrees in second schedule of HCC Act, 1973 or proposals as received under Section 12A of HCC Act, 1973. 

Measurable Minimum requirements  
The Regulation no:3 of these Regulations provide for Minimum requirements: There shall be attached to every Homoeopathic College a Hospital  having not less than 25 beds and having minimum requirements, norms and standards as specified by these regulations in regard to teaching as well as hospital staff, equipment, accommodation, training and other facilities and such Homoeopathic Colleges shall also have one peripheral Homoeopathic clinic for every 10 admissions?. 

The summary of measurable norms are as follows:- 
(i) Hospital - Minimum 25 bedded hospital with one peripheral homeopathy  clinic for every 10 admission along with the student bed ratio 1:1
(ii) Minimum teaching staff - for BHMS degree college ? 13 Professors, 15 Reader and 15 lecturers totaling 43.  Out of which 37 should be full time and 6 can be part-time. 
(iii) Non-teaching staff - 8 employees.
(iv) Hospital Staff -  for 50 bedded hospital - 41 full time and 9 part-time.
(v) Equipments - 466 equipments as listed in Annexure-F.  
(vi) Lecture Hall  - 6 
(vii) Teaching Lab - Lab in three specified departments 
(viii) OPD -  Running OPD in 8 departments.
(ix) IPD - Running IPD with 4 wards 
(x) Museum ? Museum in 5 specified departments 

Boottom line
Majority of the homoeopathic colleges in India are substandard even though CCH inspect them regularly. CCH allowed colleges to start MD course who are still lacking the infra structure even for under graduation. Moreover some of the members of CCH have either their own colleges or investments in various private Homoeopathic Colleges all over the country - everbody knows the standard of that colleges. 

The Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH)  itself the apex body to monitor the standards of Homoeopathic education in India - is diluted the standards of education in Homoeopathy.

This is due to immense lobbying by various vested interests, flouting all the established norms, standards. eligibility, and quality of Homoeopathic education in our country. No where in the country and no field of education, especially in medicine we find the external courses (External MD) being offered at the cost of regular courses

The government of India have received many complaints about the malfunctioning of CCH and constituted a commission to inquire into the activity of CCH over a period earlier. Irregularities and corruptions done in CCH over a period of time have caught the eye of law makers and the Govt. of India

Read the Central Govt. Order and list Homeopathic Colleges under Scrutiny


  1. Good to know that something is being in this regard. Because of this substandard education only,many of the young graduates fail to practice successfully and are forced to pursue their carreer in a different direction.
    I would request the concerned people to take steps to review the syllabus of BHMS and impliment semester system as is being done delhi university courses and to make it at par with MBBS course. Its the need of the hour to make such changes for homeopathy and the homeopaths to survive..

  2. I want strictly inspection of all colleges. Because bad doctors are very dangerous in our society. For human purpose it is needed to good skilled doctors.We all Indians want better Health service.

  3. Inspections of colleges should be done spontaneously, without prior information to the college. Giving prior information about inspection is giving time for the college to manipulate in every way possible. Even i know many such highly reputed Homoeopathic colleges, which only has a good building, but are running short on the required staff and other standards. They manipulate it for the day of inspection and INSPECTORS ARE MADE FOOLS. Let this fact be known to CCH and its inspectors, so that flawless inspections could be carried out in the future, for the bright future of Homoeopathy.

  4. For the betterment of the system, those OLD IDIOTS should be thrown out of CCH and young generation should be given chance. And the period of the council could be reduced to 2 or 3 years per team. So that fresh ideas will come up.

  5. Its good beginning for better prospects of Homoeopathy. I am a permanant approved teacher in MUHS for Homoeopathy but my college wants my service on the day of inspection alone. They manage to run the cource with 5-6 full timers with less pay. Inspection day shows full attendance of all staff. This scenario is everywhere. AYUSH need to form a body for surprise visit of such colleges to inspect the standards & take immediate action against them. CCH should be held responsible in such malfunctioning. RAJESH.

  6. This kind of jitters happens once in a blue moon and is very easily forgotten. The whole rotten fellows who constitute the CCH should be removed. Newer younger generation of talented drs should be given CCH memebership. CCH memebrship should not be given more than 3 times to a person. There should be women representatives in the CCH. The external MD should be wiped off. Those who had taken external MD should not be considered in par with the regular MD. there salary and status and promotion criteria would be different. Like external MD dr cannot become professor.Rigorous imprisonment should be given to doctors still preffering to take external MD.

    We failed to stop the sellers of external MD as they are mafia.But we can punish the buyers. So when there are no takers for external MD they would run out of business.
    And also there should be one representative to the CCH from each college. This member should be liable to make improvements in his/her college during there tenure, failure of which should lead to imprisonment.
    Mild punishments will not help now. We need to be tough with these hooligans.
    I am saying all these to u because i feel u may become a CCH person or u may have at least an access to the age old rotten set up.

    A lot more needs to be done.
    All the best.

  7. The state of most colleges is pathetic and they are only churning out crap. Most students are now doing hospital management, MBA, BPO etc after BHMS because they are ill equipped to practice. And the pharmacies selling complexes are having a field day because most homeopaths are not getting quality education and find it difficult to adhere to the principles.

  8. This is the fate of homoeopathic education in India. Quality of education is the fundamental criteria for the prosperity of any science/profession/medical system. If the quality of homoeopathic medical education is such an inferior then how can we expect more awareness and growth of homoeopathy. A failure of of a case by a poorly qualified homoeopath will not only create a bad name for him, but for the entire system and directly and indirectly for you also. Already few of us fume that we do not get the equal respect with those of allopaths. Such inferior quality education will worsen that. When allopaths are learning post graduation with highly advanced mechanisms of education, our MD is sold for money only by attending the exam. Then how could our MDs compete with those people efficiently? Will that not create a bad name for homoeopathy? Think homoeopaths! It is a time for us to unite together to battle this

  9. Govt of India has started doing its long due work towards homeopathy off late.Anyway now this initiative has to happen as a full fledged work.

    dr meeta

  10. Govt of India has started doing its long due work towards homeopathy off late.Anyway now this initiative has to happen as a full fledged work.

    dr meeta

  11. Efforts are good,but at the end,the outcome is nil.Money takes away all the shortcomings.During the inspection colleges pay the patients to get admitted.Formality is everywhere.nothing is fulfilled and students keep on suffering.
    If the standard has to be increased then dare to get feed back from the students in absence of their teachers.Sometimes the members of CCH asks students,every one collects in a room and in presence of teachers the members ask the students.If anyone says wrong,he/she is failed in practicals.What's the use of doing this nonsense.if they are really concerned then ask students for response,see the results and then come to any conclusion...A wonderful science has put into the hands of non deserving persons,leading to its exploitation.

  12. I'm from Kolkata:- It's really unfortunate to me & us that in spite of being a Student/Dr. of The State Model College of W.B.(The oldest college not only in India but in Asia),we are in too much trouble to survive in future.There is minimum scope to learn from our Doctors teachers,there is a big ??????????? about their knowledge & quality for a teacher/doctors(only 2-3 doctors are really genius).Politics has ruined the college atmosphere.
    Is three any solution??????
    I've the one either to close the doors of the college or to look after seriously about the ruin fall of THE CALCUTTA HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, 265-66 A.P.C. ROAD KOLKATA- 700009

  13. The CCH is an unnecessary body.After election Majority of CcH members joins together for malpractices.It should be demolished and control of all Homoeopathic institution should be taken by AYUSH itself.

  14. I'm Dr.Abhisek Ray From Westbengal.I was a student of 1st BHMS who got admitted through a JEE conducted for the 1st time in westbengal for it's 4 state runned Homoeopathic Medical College.But it is very much shocking that there are 13 Homoeopathic Medical College in Westbengal,(4 State Govt runned, 1 Central Govt.,& 8 Private.)where as there are 9 Allopathic Medical College only.
    Today the Condition of State Colleges are getting worse ,as they can't filled -up the required no.of students(Capasity is 50 in each Govt.College).So you people think about the Private Colleges, what malpractices is going on there?
    So Do you think,is there any necessary to run all those Collges,so that half Quak ,& half Homoeopath treats this Society?Dont forget All these are very dengerous for a Good Homoeopathy Doctor and Community.
    Most of the these Private Colleges dont even have minimum Infrastructures,but they are running BHMS smoothly without any Question from CCH.

  15. I am a Homoeopathic Medical Officer of Uttar Pradesh Government. I got admission in BHMS through UP CPMT in 1991.After getting admission in BHMS i saw standard of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in UP is worse than a primary school.Teaching standards is in such a miserable condition that most of the teacher even can not pronounciate medical terminology,they dont know how to palpate liver and spleen.Government is requested to take stern measures to uplift the standard of Homoeopathy in UP.There should be 3or 4 medical colleges( at present 7-8)but their teaching standard should be in accordance with CCH norms. Regards. Dr. SUDHIR SHARMA

  16. Are there is any age of retirement in C.C.H.

  17. Regards homoeopaths as a science & an art what happen now a day what doing C.C.H they behave like joke CCH in hand of only few people what they want they do it see the condition of homoeopathy institutions cch members &there officials are responsible for that why we not think to desolve cch

  18. what cch means ? means Lalit Verma & Ramji singh .Ramji singh is a fake homoeopath who prescribe more than 10 medicine at a time is it homoeopathy ? he is president of cch what we learn to our president ? ha....ha....hi....hi....

  19. The Govt.Of India has taken good decision about the standardization of Homeopathic colleges.And Order to Ayush to conduct the inspection.
    The basic component of Homoeopathic education is Teacher.This is world known fact that what salary a Homoeopathic Teachers are getting in the colleges.If teacher will not get enough salary then how he will give proper knowledge to the student.The Members of CCH are knowing about the salary the colleges are giving .Especially the colleges of Maharashtra .were the Doctors are working on 3000 or 5000 0r 6000 or 8000. Now every one can understand that in so less salary who will work hardly.The condition of colleges are also very poor.The persons who are in management they are buying New cars every year.and there is no money with them for giving to staff.The situation will not change unlless and until Govt.will not look on the salary matter and the criteria for cch members the seats should be reserved for Management ,Staff and Students.And the admission criteia the student having 35% is also getting admission in homoeopathy colleges.

  20. All F***ing.I m a BHMS 4yrs exp.Now working in BPO earning 22k.

  21. it is same after geting B.H.M.S. if any one be working in B.P.O. who is responsible for that homoeopathic politician & C.C.H. kick all of them

  22. The education of Homeopathy in Maharashtra is poorest.BHMS needs all postgraduate teachers in respective subjects to teach the students.Now one most imp. question is how these fellows manage to stitch without local anesthesia So they must get primary knowledge of modern medicine .here lies the game. IF CCH allows to get education in modern medicine then CCH will get end.Because the principle of foundation of CCh is on homeopathy only.In older days homeopathic reg practitioners are allowed to practice allopathy. On that time GOVT allowed them to do so because lack of MBBS .NOw the need of govt is over so they are ready to destabilize homeopaths .IT is better to close all homeopathic colleges and to give a course of MD in homeopathy after MBBS.

  23. Hope by the effort of govt Homoeopathy & its standerd may improve in future. Homoeopathic teachers & doctors should come out of organon & materia medica as well as should think the pathology, pharmacodynamics & prognosis after proper diagnosis. THey should not comment other pathy.


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