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Homeopathy Articles & Research findings - Macrh 2011

Homeopathy Research
  • Homeopathy breakthrough: homeopathic solutions proven to carry memory of water and exhibit biological effects
  • Homeopathy proven? Yeah Right! Michael Edmonds 
  • Supportive Evidence for the Anticancerous Potential of Alternative Medicine against Hepatocarcinogenesis in Mice
  • Modulation of Signal Proteins: A Plausible Mechanism to Explain How a Potentized Drug Secale Cor 30C Diluted beyond Avogadro’s Limit Combats Skin Papilloma in Mice
  • Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences - Luc MONTAGNIER
  • French Nobelist Escapes ‘Intellectual Terror’ to Pursue Radical Ideas in China -  L UC M ON TA G N IER
  • Ameliorating effect of microdoses of a potentized homeopathic drug, Arsenicum Album, on arsenic-induced toxicity in mice
  • Cytotoxic effect of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells - International journal of oncology
  • Communication pattern through body language study for interpretation of symptoms in pediatric cases - Dr. Ravi  Singh
  • NMR water proton relaxation in unheated and heated ultrahigh aqueous dilutions of histamine: Evidence for an air-dependent supramolecular organization of water - Jean-Louis Demangeat 
  • International Scientific Committee for Homeopathic Investigations (ISCHI) - Concept proposal application V.01
  • Introduction to the Homeovitality system, a series of micro-DNA healthcare remedies - Drs. Peter H Kay & S. Rashid 
  • Homeopathy Potentization [Dynamisation]  vs  e-Biology - Drs. M.V. Ramanamurthy 
  • Homeopathy Kernel Beyond nanomedicine - Dr.M.V.Ramamurthy& Dr.Shiv Dua
  • Is JUNK DNA Same As the CHRONIC MIASM? - Genetic Research Explaining Fundamentals of Organon - Dr.Mansi Arya
Homeopathy general
  • Therapies and their principles - Dr.Tanu Singh MBBS
  • Frans Kusse Homeopathic Types - Reading excerpt Homeopathic Types of Frans Kusse
  • Treatment of swine flu By Dr. V. Krishnamurthy
  • Love, Its Interpretation and Homoeopathy -   Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
  • Story of lipstick and homoeopathy - Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  • Homoeopathy & Toxicity - Dr. Farhan Nadaf
  • Advanced Homeopathy Practice -  Dr.V.Krishnamurthy
  • Income Tax Statement 2010-11
  • The Killer Vaccines - An Honest Physician Warns of Serious Dangers - Dr. Russell Blaylock  
  • Immunizations - Harmful to your Child or Not?- Immunisation & Islam - By Dr. Aisha Hamdan
  • Are We Natural Vegetarians? - Dr.Binuraj.T.K 
  • 100 Facts About Homeopathy 
  • Very useful information - Kindly share 
Organon of Medicine
  • Dr.Sameul Hahnemann - Life and Letters - Dr Jenita.R. Fernandes.pdf
  • Hahnemann’s Intellect Treatise [similia similibus curentur] - Drs. M.V.Ramanamurthy 
Practice Medicine
  • Space occupying lesions and homoeopathy  - Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  • Homeopathic Approach in the Treatment of Diabetes - Dr Guillermo Zamora  
  • Herpes zoster and homoeopathy - Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
Govt. Orders
  • Upgradation & creation of teaching posts in Govt. Homeo Colleges of Kerala - 2011
  • Upgradation & creation of teaching posts in Padiar  Homeo College.Ernakulam. Kerala  - 2011
  • Upgradation & creation teaching posts in Vidhyadiraja Nemam  Homeo College of Kerala -2011
  • Upgradation & creation teaching posts in ANSS Homeo College. Kottayam Kerala -2011
  • Number of tutor posts remaining in GHMCs Kerala after upgradation order feb 2011
  • Kerala TC Medical council joint resolution against GO favoring quack practitioners March 2011 
Homeopathy Education
  • Everything on postgraduate homeopathy training in India
  • Number of tutor posts remaining in GHMCs Kerala after upgradation order feb 2011
  • “DREAMS - e - homoeo” A weekly ‘e’ magazine by DREAMS March 2011
  • “DREAMS - e - homoeo” A weekly ‘e’ magazine by DREAMS Feb  2011
  • Government Homeopathic Medical College Calicut - Dr Mansoor Ali
  • NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine - February 2011
  • NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine - March 2011
  • Teachers can now evaluate students online with TRS softwares
  • Characteristics of A Top Teacher -Teacher's Corner
  • Top 10 Gulf Interview Cracking Tips  
Seminar reviews
  • Report on National Seminar on Respiratory Diseases - At SOUKYA International Holistic Health Centre 
  • Jan Scholten Seminar Mumbai – a report 
Book Reviews
  • Book review: THE MAN IN HEALTH

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