Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Homeopathy Article & Research findings

Homeopathy Education 
Time management on powerpoint presentations
Seven Ways To Improve Your Reading Habit
Study skills for students 
Awareness Workshop on Accreditation for AYUSH Hospitals - Dr. Bhawna Gulati
The story about the tiny frogs….
Homeopathy Colleges in Maharashtra
Examination System - Reforms, Need of the hour in Homoeopathy - Dr. D. Samba Murthy 
Something about National Institute of Homoeopathy. Kolkatta
More Than Two-Thirds of U.S. Consumers Seek Medical Advice Via the Internet and Social Media

Homeopathy General
The 6 Top Thugs of the Medical World… As Ranked by "Top 100 Corporate Criminals" List 
Why the Constant Attacks on Homeopathy? 
Cellphone Hazards - Compiled by Damayanti Datta 
Tennis elbow & homoeopathy - Dr. Vikas Verma 
Adolescent Nutrition -Dr.Rajgurav A.B
Useful resources for helping others
Healthy Personalities- Dr. Nahida M.Mulla 
Understanding Engineers...Funny
Clinical Tips from The Party
Five Finger Management of Homoeopathic Profession - Dr.S.G.Biju
Advanced Pathology, Acute Disease and Homoeopathy - Dr.S.G.Biju
Protest Against Australian Court Verdict Against Homoeopathy - Dr.S.G.Biju
Homoeopathy can cure Hepatitis B - Dr.S.G.Biju
Mental Disease & Mental Symptoms - Dr.S.G.Biju
Homoeopathy the most modern and proved effective healing science and applicable in broad spectrum view - Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer
Sri Lankan Minister dissolved Homeopathic Council - Read both side of the story

Government Orders
Homeopathic medicines containing more than 12% ethyl alcohol should not be sold in bottles more than 30ml – Madras & Bombay High Court Verdict
Bombay HC asks State Govt to take final decision on LCEH issue
Kerala Govt. order on AICTE/UGC pay revision to Homeopathy college teachers with MD 
Kerala Govt.Promotion of few teachers of Govt. homeopathic Colleges 16.11.2010
Kerala Govt.Promotion of few teachers of Govt. homeopathic Colleges 08.11.2010

Materia Medica
Homoeopathic Management of Pica - Dr. Nahida M.Mulla.M.D.
Comparative Study of Natrum Group - Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer

Homeopathy Research
BARC Medical Analyser reveals the selective action of homoeopathic medicines in different potencies
Homeopathic Perspective of Sulphur Biochemistry - K. C. Chandran Nambiar
Molecular Imprinting in Water As a Novel Technique for Target-Specific Drug Designing - K C Chandran Nambiar
Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Disease: A 6-Year University-Hospital Outpatient Observational Study
Efficacy of homoeopathic remedies in essential hypertension - Dr.Afshan A Balekundri 
Systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of homeopathy
Effects of Homeopathic Arsenicum Album, Nosode, and Gibberellic Acid Preparations on the Growth Rate of Arsenic-Impaired Duckweed 
DIALECTICAL HOMOEOPATHY - The Simple Science of Homeopathic Therapeutics - K. C. Chandran Nambiar 
Homeopathic remedies in KUF- Series in the treatment of TAKAYASU ARTERITIS - Djumaeva NE,Djumaeva LE,Akhundjanova GA
Scientific Evidences about Homoeopathy - Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer
Scientific Studies that prove efficacy of Homoeopathy - Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer
Importance of Polychrest drugs in clinical practice -Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer
NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine November 2010

Practice of Medicine
Viral Hepatitis -Dr Kulwant Singh
Renal Function Tests - Indication with normal values - Dr.Jayadeep
Diabetes Mellitus and Homeopathic management - Dr. Smita Brahmachari

Jeremy Sherr's Introduction To The Repertory Of Mental Qualities
Repertory for Tobacco - Dr. Sayeed Ahmad 
Multi-Similimum or Compartmental Method of Repertorization - Chandran Nambiar. K.C
RADAR Opus with Synthesis 2010 - Innovative Software from Archibel

A Case of Fragile Bone Disease - Dr.S.G.Biju

Posology and its efficacy in Homoeopathy - Dr.Mohd Furqan Aamer 

Question papers
Questions from Kerala MD (HOM) Entrance Exam 2010 - Dr.Ashweela V.M.Kutty 
Delhi University MD (Homeo) Entrance Examinations Question paper 2010+Answer Key

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  1. really worth full articles this month too...
    thank u ali sir.

  2. Is there available an authentic, all-remedies-included published guide to Homoeopathic treatment at home, purely for family emergency purposes, not having any commercial interest whatsoever?

    If so, could I subscribe to it and obtain a copy of the same???

    Please reply to my e-mail ID, viz., plan41@yahoo.com.

    Thanks and regards.


  3. All the articles are worthy..... one should have to read all these articles so many times...all the time it would give you emence knowledge.........keep it up & enhance the knowledge !!

  4. All the articles are worthy..... one should have to read all these articles so many times...all the time it would give you emence knowledge.........keep it up & enhance the knowledge !!

  5. Excellent posts, i think Dr.Ali can seriously think about publishing a book on his Findings and research.

  6. Dear sir,i had read about scientific explaination of potentisation in the book Homoeopathy:science or myth by Bill Grey. LINK:http://books.google.co.in/books?id=6lXbygsxTNcC&lpg=PA69&ots=BvslDfjwTA&dq=electromotive%20force%20in%20homoeopathy&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false.
    A good explaination i think so. Can it we accept it or not


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