Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Health Related Courses for Homoeopaths

Similima team presents health realted courses available in India and abroad which are suitable for homeoapths after BHMS & MD. These courses or programmes aim to impart knowledge to working health professionals and others who seek to upgrade themselves in the field of health care management and administrative tasks in health care organizations.

Various job opportunities promised by this sector are Quality, Hospital Operations, NABH/ISO Consultants, Marketing Executives, Corporate Affairs, Finance  Executives, Planning and Designing consultants, Health Law consultants, Business Analysts, Health care IT Analysts, Project Management, Public Healthcare  Administrators, Insurance Executives, Education, Facilitators, Biostatistician, Human Resource managers....

NB : If you find any other reliable health realted courses which you think will help other doctors also...many of our fellow doctors are unaware of such courses... please email to us at similimateam@gmail.com

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