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300 new Medical & Homeopathic PowerPoint Presentations added today

300 new Medical & Homeopathic PowerPoint Presentations added today in

Our aim is to provide free service to academics, researchers, and students working in the area of homeopathic & allied medical sciences.
Most of you are making lot of good power points and articles as a part of your study/project/teaching. Here is a golden opportunity to share that articles/powerpoints with world.Be a part of this prestigious website. You may become famous in no time! Send your articles and power points to 
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HIV and Tuberculosis - Malabar Experiance - Dr.Sheela Mathew

Common Indian Snakes - Dr.P.Jayeshkumar
Sucide in Kerala - psychosocial implications - Dr.A.m.Kunhi Koyamu
A true physician and best teacher - Dr.Mohammed Shaan
Recurrent dangerous hospitalisation - Dr.Neeraj manikath
Snake bite management - Dr.C.Rajendiran
Diagnosis in Homoeopathy - Dr.saveesh Kumar
Holigrative approach to health - V. George Mathew
Integrative medicine & Health Tourism - Dr.Sreevals G Menon
Side effects of homeopathic medicine - Dr.Cyriac Thomas
Dental health education - Dr.Manju Ranjith
Time management - Dr.M.Premachandran
Travancore- Homoeopathic Convention - Vision 2020 - Dr.M.Premachandran
Introduction to classical homeopathy

Rational management of animal bite cases - Dr.Asma Rahim
Corticosteriods in Rheumatology - current concepts - Dr.Binoy J paul
Young hypertension - Clinical approach - Dr.Chandni.R
Relevance of diagnosis in clinical medicine
CPC - Dr.P.Geetha
The great Imitator - Dr.Emil J Thachil
Initiation of mechanical ventilation - Dr.N.Ganapathy
Heamoglobinoathies in India - problems & solutions - Dr.Kanjaksha Ghosh
Fourth generation antibiotics -
Stroke - a practical & conservative approach - Dr.Jayesh Kumar
Fluid management - Dos and Don'ts - Dr.R.Kasi Visweswran
Practical approach to the diagnosis & management of obesity - Dr.M.V.Muraleedharan
HBSag positive - What Next?? - Dr.Neeraj M
A case of recurrent generalised weakness - Dr.Praveen.M
Lupus nephritis - a physician's prespective - Dr.Ramesh.S
Prevention of diabetes - Dr.P.K.Sasidharan
Urine analysis - in day to day clinical practice - Dr.Sreekumar
Investigation in bleeding & clotting disorders, practical points & common pitfalls - Dr.Sukesh C Nair
Endocrine emergencies - Dr.N.K.Thulasidharan
Re - emerging infectious diseases
The challenges of antiphospholipid syndrome - insights & hopes - Dr.Binoy J paul
Basic care in diabetes - the missing links - Dr.R.Chandni
Hepatic consequence of metabolic syndrome - Dr.T.S. Chandrashekar
Clinicopathological case discussion - Dr.T.K. Chandrashekaran
Bone marrow examination in clinical practice
CNS demyelination - a practical approach to diagnosis and management - Dr.James Jose
Heart failure - optimising medical therapy - Dr.M.N.Krishnan
Infectious endocarditis - prophylaxix, current concepts - Dr.Praveen.M
End of life care - Dr.Rajashree.K.C
Chicken Pox - management revisited - Dr.Rosy Phillips
Malaria - management issues specific to Kerala - Dr.K.S.Sajeeth kumar
Esinophilia - how to approach - Dr.P.K.sasidharan
Filariasis - new concept of an old disease - Dr.T.K.Suma
Medical management of leg attacks - how much and how far - Dr.Sunil Rajendran
Post exposure prophylaxis - Dr.Sreekuamr.S
Infective endocarditis - Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Management of fever - Dr.Harikumar.G
First Aid - what,when and why?? - Dr.Harikumar.G
Rvised guidelines for management of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome - Arvind Bagga
Examination of CVS - Dr.V.Satheesh Kumar
Delayed mile stone - Homeopathic approach. Part.1 - Dr.Satheesh Kumar
Delayed mile stone - Homeopathic approach. Part.11 - Dr.Satheesh Kumar
Young Reccurent hematuria - Dr.Karunan
Acute Kidney injury - Dr.Karunan Prakasan
Chronic Kidney disease - Dr.Karunan Prakasan


ECGs - deciphering the funny rhythm - Dr.Amit Vora
ST segment elevation in ECG - a practical approach - Dr.K.U.Natarajan
ECH - A comprehensive approach - Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Case Presentations
Two cases of acute poisoning - Dr.Arun Kumar.M.V
A case of recurrent generalised weakness - Dr.Praveen.M pm106
A rare case of GUTB in a child - Karunan KANNAMPOYILIL

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy – Early development- Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran
Relationship of OBGY in relation to anatomy Development of Female Reproductive System - Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran
Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy - Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran
Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy - UTERUS - Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran
Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy - Vagina -Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran
Mother's health Child's too - Dr.N.K.Thulaseedharan
Complaints of Children,Nutrition for women & children - Dr.jemini.M
Introduction to Maternal and Child health
Benign Neoplasm of the Female genital tract - Dr. Vilma D’ Souza
Role of homeopathy in promotion of breast feeding - Dr.M.Premachandran
Role of Homoeopathy in antenatal care intranatal care and post natal care - Dr Suchita N. Pawaskar
Family Planning - Dr. P. K .Jameela
Antenatal complaints - Dr.Manoj Thomas
Normal purpeurium - Dr.Maya
Complications in Pregancy - Dr Nibi Chandra
Complaints during pregnancy & complicating pregnancy - Dr.Esmail sait
Postnatal care & complaints during postnatal period - Dr.Subadra
Antenatal Complaints - Dr.sugantha Kamath
Case presentation on antenatal complaints - Dr.sugantha Kamath
Homeopathy for mother and child care - Dr.Shailakumar
Physiological basis of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Dr Deena M Monteiro
Leucorrhoea - Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Menstrual Cycle
Experiance IPD care inobstetrics & gynaecology -Dr. Dinesh Rao
Miasmatic & repertorial approach in Gynaecology
Role of Materia Medica in Antenatal care - Dr.Shreepad Hegde
Normal Labor and Childbirth - Advances in Maternal and Neonatal Health
Nutrition for women and Children - Dr K Sandeep
Approach of homeopathy in ovarian disorders - Dr.Vilma D' Souza
Female and pregnancy
Prevention in maternal and child health - Dr. Anuja.U
Collapsing FSGS -Karunan Kannampoyilil
RCH - Reproductive and Child Health Programme
Role of pathology in realtion to obstetrics & Gynaec . Part.1 - Dr Hilda D’souza(nee Fernandes)
Role of pathology in realtion to obstetrics & Gynaec . Part.11 - Dr Hilda D’souza(nee Fernandes)
Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.1 - Dr.Shaila.Udachankar
Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.11 - Dr.Shaila.Udachankar
Conduct of normal labour - Dr.Sreeja
Concepts of Primary Health Care
Role of OBGY in relation to psychology & homeopathic philosophy - Dr.Shivaprasad
Role of Homeopathy in Infertility

Mother's health Child's too - Dr.N.K.Thulaseedharan
Complaints of children,Nutrition for women & children - Dr.jemini.M
Management of acute respiratory disorders in children - Dr.Saveesh Kumar.S
ADHD Through The Life Cycle - Humberto Nagera
Autism in Children - methodology in management
Child Psychiatry - Prof. MUDr. Jirí Raboch
Diseases of young infants - Dr.B.Venugopal
Gastrointestinal disorders in children - Dr.Rajamohan
Diarrhoeal Diseases of Children - Dr.M.P.Prakasan
Fever in children- homeopathic approach - Dr.M.P.Prakasan
Skin disorders in Children - Dr.P.Vijayakumar
Illnesses of young infants -Dr. Amar Fettle
Neurological Problems - Dr.D.Kalpana
Common psychological problems in Children - Dr.Mansoor Ali
Newborn Care - Dr.C.Sureshkumar
Nutrition for women and Children - Dr K Sandeep
Problem child and homoeopathy - Dr. C S Pradeep
Urinary Tract Infections in a Child - Dr.Karunan Kannampoyilil
Respiratory disorders in children - Dr.B.Vijaya Kumar
Common Skin & Urinary Disorders in Children - Dr.Saveesh Kumar

Homeopathic Pharmacy
Recent Advances in Homoeopathic Pharmacy
Quality control or standardization of drugs – Dr.Cyriac Thomas

Interpreting chest x-ray - reviewing the basics - Dr.T.Kesavan
Diagnosis in Homoeopathy - Dr.saveesh Kumar

Materia Medica
Application of pharmacy in materia medica - Dr. K. S Gopi
Application of repertory in materia medica 0 Dr.C.Jaya
Fish group Homeopathic Remedies - Dr.Krishnendu Miaty
How to study materia medica -Dr Daisy P. Idicula
Relationship of homeopathic philosophy to materia medica - Dr.Nisha Paul
Relationship of Materia Medica with Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Psychology - Dr.Winston Vargheese
Study materia medica in relation to toxicology - Dr.Cyriac Thomas
Scope & evolution of homeopathic materia medica - Dr.Ravi M Nair

Classification in psychiatry - Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Child Psychiatry - Prof. MUDr. Jirí Raboch
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Dr.Shilpa Sharma
Personality disorders - Dr.Shilpa Sharma
Psychiatric disordres and mind rubrics - Dr.Satheesh Kumar
Adjustment Disorders (AD) in the Medically Ill

Interpretation of mental symptoms - miasmatic approach - Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R
Psychiatric disordres and mind rubrics - Dr.Satheesh Kumar
Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.1 - Dr.Shaila.Udachankar
Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.11 - Dr.Shaila.Udachankar
Interpretation of mental rubrics - Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Positive attitude - Dr.M.Premachandran
Psychology- personality - Dr.Shilpa Sharma

Organon of Medicine
Relationship of homeopathic philosophy to materia medica - Dr.Nisha Paul

Medical Research
Research Methodology in Homeopathy - Dr.S.Gopinadhan
Designing a study - Dr. S. Gopinadhan

Homeopathic Education
Teaching and Learning - Dr.A.Prabakarean
Time management - Dr.M.Premachandran

Community Medicine
Concepts of Primary Health Care

Ten things God won't ask on that day
1947 August India
A letter from 2070
Autographs of Indian Legands
Chakdee India
Colors of India
Creative Antismoking advetisement
Don’t trust people
Don’t waste food anymore
Four candles
Gaza…white Phosphorous attack
Great Quotes
Happy Republic day
India 100 years Back
Intimates of Prabhakaran
Look after your parents
Love your Mom
Mahatma Gandhi
Mother is mother
Never Waste Water
Nice lesson to all
Nice words
Nothing is impossible
Pardha Banned…what happened..??
Philippines Photos
I want to tell the world a story
Reason to like woman - Dr.R.valavan
School after summer vacation
Still there is life on earth Because
Story of Eagle
Stress Management
This speaks it self - cruelty on Palestinians'
True Love
Twins in Kodinhi Village
What God wants
Why China wins
Your Death Really thoughtful
Read Alone…..especially the Poem

17 kids in one family
A journey through Kerala Backwaters
A village with no Roads
Abudhabi from Sky
Aircraft career
Amazing 8 holes
Amazing Transportation
Are you Hungry
Army Girls in different countries
Art – Water Drops
Art of Jim Warren
Attention…Spy cameras
Autumn in Switzerland
Award Winning Photos
Awesome caves
Baby expressions
Beautiful pictures
Beautiful Shots
Beauty of Nature
Beauty of Newzeland
Best of 2009
Best photos from Reuters
Better English !!
Breath taking photos from NASA
Can you believe this??
Chirapunchi Natural Bridges
Coins in India
Condemn this brutality
Controversial Zoo
Dangerous Trips
Dates market in Saudi Arabia
Beauty of Desert
Egg to Hen Amazing photos
Father’s daughter
Food at Olympics in China
Food that cannot believe
Fun corner
Giant human Skelton
Good Husband
Great Bahrain
Hanging trains in Germany
Happens only in India
Happy New Year
Heaven at Africa View from above
Highest glass floor of the world
Horrible – behind the effects of tattoo
Horrible accident at Dubai
Incidence Rare Photos
How paerls come to market
Inside of a Ship
Inside water pipes in Dubai
Kerala – Recent Photos
Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Breakfast
Kerala Views
Lakshmiyum Kumarettanum
Love Jihad - Exciting offer!!
Madurikkum ormakal
Monsoon in Wayanad
Most Beautiful in the world
Most dangerous roads
Mysterious tree at nalgonda
Nakshathra Phalam
Neel Ponman
Nice cartoons
Oil rigs
Please Clean your shoe
No idea war singer
Real Tiger
Roads in Africa
Scene from Hyderabad
See this…funny!!
Spiderman at Abudabi
Theft at ATM
There I fixed
Thumbee va va
Toms Cartoons
Train in Heaven.. Kankan Railway
Train systems of world
US Air Power
Why countries not fight with China & israel
Women Police in Iran
Worlds' best

Representation to Dr.M.K.Muneer
Kasargod Marriages
Ramanunni about Muslims
Mangalam Nadathi Mudiyunna Samudhayam
National Muslim Youth Meet
Vasiyath of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
Islamic Banking during recession
2009 Hajj Photos
Eid ul Azha2009
Holy Mecca
Holy Quran Printing Complex
Islamic History Museum Istanbul
Jannathul Baqeel
Life sketch of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
Manorama against Muslims
Masjids around world
Old house of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
Through the words of Holy Quran
What is your excuse

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