Sunday, February 28, 2010

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More biological models and randomised clinical trials in homeopathy - Peter Fischer
More biological models and randomised clinical trials -Fred Wiegant1 & Roeland Van Wijk
Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric study- PC Endler1, K Thieves1 etc
Basophil models of homeopathy: a sceptical view - Madeleine Ennis
Domains of Water Molecules Provide Mechanisms of Potentization in Homeopathy -Czerlinski
Study on the effectiveness of minimum dose of homeopathic medicines in Molluscum contagiosum - Dr.Ameer Khalid
Collections from the Scientific researches in Homeopathy
Animal models for studying homeopathy and high dilutions: Conceptual critical review - Leoni Villano Bonamin1
Gate way to India's developements
Healthy Diet Planner - Dr.Nishant Nambision
National workshop on healthy mother & happy child - proceedings and resolutions
You can calculate your age and character
Digital Diary 2010
National Rural Health Mission - Year- End Review 2009
Homoeopathy and Plastics
Irritable Bowel Syndrome & leading indigenous mother tinctures - Dr.Krishnendu Maity
Definition given to interfaith community
The value of Causation in Homeopathy - Dr.Muhammed Rafeeq
Pain and palliative care in Oral Cancers by Homoeopathy- Dr.Hanaae.P.P
Unknown Facts About Your Mobile Phone
Anti Homeopathy programme at UK - The inside story - Dr Sreevals G Menon
Homoeopathy is not a placebo - Dr S.K Vashisht
Pay Revision 2004 anomaly rectification Homoeopathy Department Govt. of Kerala
Re designation of chief medical officer as Suprintendent in homeo hospitals. Govt. of Kerala
Category wise ranklist of Kerala PG Entrance Exam 2010
Reserch officer and homeopathy consultant final list CCRH
Similimum ultra - user guide
List of Homeopathic Medical Colleges (UG&PG) in India
MD (Homeopathy) Part.1 Assignments - Dr.Mansoor Ali
A case of empty sella syndrome cured by Homeopathy - Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
Homeopaths should see opportunity in every difficulty but not  difficulty in every opportunity - Dr.Mansoor Ali
History of medicine - Dr.Amir Khalid
Doctrine of vital force - its acceptance & Denial - Dr. Partha P. Ray
A Ready refrence to some objective pointers - Dr.Soumya Bhattacharyya

Latest News
Induction Training for Homeopathy Medical Officers by NRHM Kerala

The NHS should stop funding homeopathy, MPs say.
GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of Avandia harm, says Senate report
Smokeless tobacco products like snuff also cause cancer
Car A/C (Air Conditioning) MUST READ!!!
Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue
Please take good care of your wrist while using the keyboard and mouse
Mass Lobby at UK very Successful
Campaign on homeopathy inaugurated at Puducherry
AYUSH to be made more people-friendly at Karnataka
Scientific Research in Homeopathy 2010: Conference at UK on 27th March 2010
Protect Homeopathic Remedies from Televisions, Microwaves, and computer,Monitors
Why some sun glasses can actually harm your eyes!
Untreated 'Poor Vision' in Older People - Far More Likely to Lead to Alzheimers

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